Poll 40: What excites you the most about public osu! events?

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Poll 40: What excites you the most about public osu! events?

Meeting other members of the community
Getting to meet the team
Live events or tournaments
I couldn't make it this time, but I would love to see more!
Live events don't interest me.
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With just a little less than a month away from Anime Expo 2017, we want to know what motivates you get out of your natural element in favor of a live setting! Are you excited to meet the community? Are you here to chat with the team? Perhaps you're more interested in the events we hold on the floor! If you can't make it, or would like to see more events in the future, let us know as well!

Do you have a particular reason why you chose the reasons you did? Did you have something else in mind? Let us know in the thread.

This poll will end on the eve of AX2017 on June the 30th. The results (as well as any interesting reasons or posts from the thread) will be posted on the first weekly of the month; a special AX edition of the osu!weekly!
to show off
to know its not being held in your country

yes im sad
"I couldn't make it this time, but I would love to see more!" that mean you don't have a life, same as the bottom, you just only play osu in your mind and nothing to do in you real life
public osu events is more fun and better than you sit in front of your computer and playing osu. cmon lets do positives activities but relate to the osu! itself, something like Meeting other members of the community, Live events or tournament, meet and greet, or etc.
i write this because i've felt it too
Watching people clicking the circle
In my school not many people play osu (only 1 other person) and I only get to play osu for little times so I don't like to waste the time talking to other people on multiplayer but being able to find other people in real life rlly makes me exited because i could talk hours on end about osu to another person and this time face to face. I'm only a kid so I can't go to events like anime expo overseas but mabey osu could manage a team that could hold small events in diffrent countrys over the world for people to go to.
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