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Venix wrote:

AlexanderSkl wrote:

I have the same problem with Windows 7. Only running except osu is antivirus which is in hybernation mode.
Then disable antivirus
He did say it's in temporary disabled "hibernate"
so apparently the frame skipping on integrated graphics is white(BetweenFrames) instead of purple(Draw). meaning this problem is definitely not the nvidia card's problem since there's nothing for it to render in that time causing the huge draw times
so my house desktop with a GT 545 runs osu at 1.5ms while my slightly over 3 times as powerful GTX 960M runs osu at 4.5ms why
This is definitely an issue with osu itself, im having a very similar issue and I've been playing everyday for almost 4 years now without any issues, I even factory reset my pc and the issue is still there, so it is not a conflicting program or anything along those lines
Update as of 31 may
After messing around with an external display for awhile osu now runs on Nvidia gpu with LOTS of white lines in the fps counter but runs quite smoothly. I still see frame skipping (straight cursor trail during spinners) but osu doesn't micro stutter anymore. Problem not solved but at least the graphics aren't anger jittery and anger inducing anymore
ok what the fk this is annoying
There's been an issue the last couple days with skype which resulted in this kind of stuttering. Try shutting down skype and see if it helps whatsoever.
Try to check if there are any spikes in the CPU Usage
If it's CPU, you can download [lucky:1337]Process Hacker[/lucky:1337] and open System Information
When you lag, hover over the spike and to find the program responsible for the spike.

Click on "System Information" at the top bar
Should show up a new window that looks like this

Hovering will show the program responsible

Nikosbks wrote:

There's been an issue the last couple days with skype which resulted in this kind of stuttering. Try shutting down skype and see if it helps whatsoever.
I don't use Skype tho
Anyone come up with any sort of a solution? I've read this whole thread and can't get the frame drop to stop, it's probably the most infuriating thing in the world right now.
I gave up finding a solution long ago. I find restarting osu until I get one that's not really laggy the only thing to do now.
Run osu
Nope too laggy
Restart osu
Eventually it will have minimal frame drops
note on Aug 26
stuttering is still as present as ever.
CanForceOptimusCompatibility=1 causes osu to crash entirely with the Cannot find the name of Intel ICD OpenGL driver. Setting it to 0 allows osu to run so maybe the devs can look into that
Have you tried running the game as an administrator? I had this problem and running as admin seemed to help.
No but running the game on a hdd instead of my usual ssd got rid of the stuttering and improved the fps slightly. How does that even work
i know the tread is a little old but i have similar issue.

i have problems for quite awhile (2 years) plus or minus it feels Random at times and it became pretty much unplayable

i tried everything .. osu settings nvidia drivers versions , settings

i think the best thing is fallback version for me i tried so much stuff that idk anymore

config for reference :

one of the things i noticed is when discord have a pop up its terrible. i kinda close it now when playing but frame skips and slutter is a thing
Please make a new thread with this information instead of bumping a super old one.
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