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Problem Details:
When playing with my new tablet (Gaomon s56k), drivers freshly downloaded from their website and installed yetserday, PC rebooted (Windows 7), Cutting edge version of osu!, the cursor just stops after roughly 3m30 of gameplay, wether I alt-tab out of the game, pause/unpause, it will stop after 3m30 into the game.
I have tried stopping other tablet drivers that might cause issues (Even tho I had no previous tablet or tablet driver). I have tried turning on and off the "raw input" box without effect.
I am hovering the pen, and I have tried clicking with it while playing (in case it was entering some "sleep mode"), but this did not change anything.
Then pen uses a battery that is charged (It works again after like a second as you will be able to see in the video)

Thank you for considering my issue, I hope you will be able to solve it !

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
I have a video and a replay, each showing a different play
First play recorded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zIj0BALKqY
Second play is a replay: https://puu.sh/vScQp/d9eb0ddf35.osr

osu! version: 20170503.2cuttingedge
Hello, I am still having this issue and only on osu
Why don't you use an another osu version?

davidminh0111 wrote:

Why don't you use an another osu version?
Yeah, try to use the newest one (stable).
That probably wouldn't fix it, but can still be tried

When the cursor stops, try tapping the pen or use the buttons to see if it works after that
The tablet might have slept for not tapping for a long time
osu! version is not related, and it is really the pen that stops to be recognized by the tablet, when in panic I tried to tap etc but nothing changes and anyway this wouldn't fix the fact that it alters the gameplay.

I found a fix which is to keep the PenTablet window opened while playing, it seems it is the driver that when minimized does weird thigns.

Thanks for the answers, i've seen them late because i wasn't subscribed to the thread somehow
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