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I dont really know what do call this but lemme explain.

Its pretty simple actually lol, ever since the new "Tier" thing got implemented with the BNG, I think it would be a good idea to add like a thing under their name that says whether or not they're tier 1 or 2. Just like how under a QAT's name it says "Qualty Assurance Team" for BNs it should say either "Tier 1" or "Teir 2". It would improve efficiency when finding BNs, and you wouldn't have to refer back to one forum post (the announcement of the tier thing which I'm too lazy to link) just to know what Tier a BN is.

Thanks! Please consider this! I think it would be a great add.
There is a perfectly good explanation why the Beatmap Nominators don't have special forum titles like the Quality Assurance Team.
Specifically this video explains it why.
^ doesnt explain shit.
With the newer new system, there's two types of BNs. Something about bubbling and something about ranking. Knowing who you need to call would be great qol change. Doesnt necessarily need to be a title of some sorts, but some way to tell the difference would be nice.
It's kinda similar to how old BN/QAT was. You wouldnt call a QAT to bubble/rank your map or call a BN to dq over a flaw on a map. Now you cant call BN-A to rank, as BN-A is only allowed to bubble and the other way around.
At least thats what I think the system is about
I also feels super annoying to check that forum post everytime for looking what Tier is each BN, maybe just use a different color for or something .
Support. This is a really good idea, currently there is no way to distinguish which tier anyone is. I think what Natsu would be fitting for this, different coloured Nominator tags is subtle and easy to recognize.
i do agree with the idea that there should be some sort of difference between each mode nominator, however, different colors or forum titles is not the way to go. it would be pretty unfair for other mode BNs, because they're doing pretty much the same "job" as standard BNs. questions such as "why can't i have a special color too?" "is my game mode less important than STD?" would be brought up.
one easy solution would be to add something like icons under their profiles, indicating what mode they're capable of nominate, and obviously, remarking the difference between advanced/beginner tier nominators


it sounds like a good idea to me, however, i don't think this will be considered in the near future, since osu! is moving from the old to the new website, development for the old forum is pretty much dead lol
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Woo yay peppy pls implement what Natsu said owo

Kagetsu's idea seems pretty cool but imo doesn't relate to identifying what tier a BN is Lol
If you read carefully, Kagetsu's idea answered the initial question already
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Owell my brain has a cell count of 2 so sorry if I couldn't see where he said that lol
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