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[RELEASED!] IIDX osu! - Happy Sky v1.00

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i look forward to this skin. Im a big iidz fan, and we should get other styles on osu, such as 11thstyle(RED) or maybe 14th syle(GOLD). IF there is anything i can do to help, just contact me. =)
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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.

Xiaounlimited wrote:

Actually, if someone has rips of the menu sound effects, that would be great.
I think I have some from my old stepmania Theme... I'll have to look again, but I was thinking about doing project blue.... sounds good?
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If you mean k//eternal's Projekt Aoi, I have it. =[ The sfx aren't direct rips from 2dx.
I have found the rip, it's in MP3
hope it is that you really wanted

sorry megaupload, not i that upload it
HEllo, anyone in here???
no one answering :(
it seems i'll take care of this theme :D
inb4xiao I'm so happy I annoyed you to do this.
EDIT: Ha. I fucking love you forever.
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IIDX osu! - Happy Sky v1.00
Click here to download!

- Initial release. Special thanks to Takuma for annoying me to do this.
- CtB is not skinned.

Screenshots in OP if you want to see.
AHA i spotted something that caught my eye in this topic :o
The cursor is almost unnoticable on blue hitcircles.

Either change the color a bit,or make the dot just a LITTLE BIT bigger.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. :>
I came

I think.
Holy shit this looks really nice
Check followpoint.png - the glow is horribly clipped at the moment.

Also remove thumbs.db :/
Nice skin *download*
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Yeah, I was going to fix the cursor after Takuma said it was messing him up. I'll get rid of the thumbs.db, but what do you mean "horribly clipped"?

Xiaounlimited wrote:

what do you mean "horribly clipped"?
The glow has edges. Glow should never have edges. Make the followpoint on a larger canvas, then use the "trim" tool to cut away the transparent edges automatically, so you don't accidentally cut off any of the glow pixels.

Enhanced image for obviousness:

Probably best to just reduce the range of the glow to ensure people don't get hit by performance issues ;).
I love this theme. it looks good. I never played IIDX before but I have a couple of themes like IIDX on stepmania and i've gotten used to the sound affects.
Hey, as I am a big fan of IIDX, I loved this theme. Its perfect. The only thing I have to say anything about is the pointer...
On fast maps, it happens I cant find it, and that results in a fail, lawl. But I guess that just is a habbit I have to get used to, to focus on a smaller pointer.

Anyhow, GJ=)

BTW, this is my first forum post after 2 years with OSU! xD
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