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As seeing as my previous one died, I decided to make another one with more affirmative rules.


1. Do not ask me for mod if you cannot write or understand english only.
2. Songs less than 2 minutes plz. No heavy metal songs and heavily electronic songs, I usually hate them. Especially american pop songs.
3. NM<M4M
4. Post map link.
5. Please do not post when there is the allotted amount of posts for mods posted. I will tell you if accepted.
6. I will only map songs that I like or can be going to ranked.
7. My favorite artists are lia, aqours, µ's, yanaginagi and songs mapped with these artists will have a higher change of receiving a mod.
8. For GD's, only anime songs and no extra.
9. You may only request gd once every three months. But for NM and M4M you must wait at least two more rounds after you posted in order for me to mod your map.
10. Mappers who do not follow the directions will go to my neutral list from my green list and another offense takes you permanently to my black list
11. Are you in my neutral list? PM what you did wrong to me and please apologize. Then, I will consider moving you back to the green list.
12. Mutuals are always accepted no matter of status of me.
13. For Timing, I can do it spontaneously sometimes when I feel like it. Although, you cannot ask for timing two rounds in a row!
13. To prove you read the directions, please write your username in any color you like!

Link for M4m is You must mod first, and you may placehold. You must finish mod within 48 hours of your post, or else I will not mod your map.

Edit: Rules do not apply for mutuals.

One GD, Two NM, One m4m, and One Timing open now!

Please poke me if I didn't mod in a week, I probably forgot and will make up for it with a more detailed mod if you asked for nm.
hello boi
u's <3

nm mod ye

Hi~ o/

NM plz

Thanks a lot ;)
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Everyone accepted for Dino99 who sadly did not follow the rules.
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Open Again for 3 NM, 1 m4m and 1 gd.
Help me please~^O^~
NM request
You wrote that you don't like, but I hope that you will like it :)
Thanks in advance^^

Hello !

NM Plz !

Thanks !

SSH Thunderclap
SSH Thunderclap
GD. 4* - 4.5*
The drain time is like, 1:45. I'm sure you'll like the song.
Thank you in advance.
Lully nm i hope its not too long, just mod 1 diff please since its over 2 minutes if you accept

nyu - in blue
Rose Melody
Hi ..

I would like to M4M ..

but what map exactly ?

:( !

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I posted the link for m4m
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Also closed
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