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Beatmap Nominators: Member list


You were wondering who could give you some extra hand in the ranking process of your map? Luckily, you came to the right place! Depending on your mapping mode, you will be able to request assistance to our fellow beatmap professionalists in the list below!

You can also access to the osu!wiki page here!

Have fun mapping!

Beatmap Nominators: Divisions list

(Last updated on 2017/08/19)


Leader: Cryptic
  • Kibbleru, Battle, Karen, Monstrata, Kurai

Leader: Doyak
  • MrSergio, Regraz, Naotoshi, Zero__wind, Mir

Leader: Irreversible
  • Gero, Natsu, jonathanlfj, Hobbes2

Leader: IamKwaN
  • Chaoslitz, F D Flourite, Garden, Kencho, Delis

Leader: Mao
  • Kagetsu, Lasse, Naxess, smallboat, squirrelpascals, Plaudible

Leader: Okorin
  • Bonsai, Wafu, Bakari, Nozhomi, sahuang, Voli, -Mo-

Leader: pishifat
  • Pentori, Strategas, ezek, Rizia, sheela, Doormat

Leader: Nardoxyribonucleic, OnosakiHito
  • Monstrata, tasuke912, Taikocracy, Skylish, Stefan, OzzyOzrock, JUDYDANNY, Arrival, Nwolf, Jonawaga, thzz, Volta, Surono, Kin, Raiden, frukoyurdakul, xfraczynho, neonat, Chromoxx, Gabe

Leaders: Deif, JBHyperion
  • - Magic Bomb-, -Sh1n1-, Absolute Zero, Benny-, F D Flourite, Monstrata, Sc4v4ng3r, ZiRoX

Leader: Feerum
  • Critical_Star, YaHao, Kawawa, Maxus

Leader: Blocko
  • Fresh Chicken, juankristal, Protastic101, Rivals_7, Julie

August 2017

  1. Moved Battle to the osu! Advanced tier (2017-08-19)
  2. Moved Naxess to the osu! Advanced tier (2017-08-19)
  3. Divisions go public (2017-08-20)
  4. Removed Dellvangel from Beatmap Nominators (2017-08-20)
  5. Removed Kuo Kyoka from Beatmap Nominators (2017-08-20)
  6. Removed -Kamikaze- from Beatmap Nominators (2017-08-20)
  7. Removed newyams99 from Beatmap Nominators (2017-08-20)
  8. Removed Nivrad00 from Beatmap Nominators (2017-08-20)
  9. Removed Sonnyc from Beatmap Nominators (2017-08-20)
  10. Merged osu!catch Deif and JBHyperion divisions (2017-08-25)

September 2017

  1. Removed tier system. Probation period for new BNs will be implemented (2017-09-10)
  2. Added Asherz007 to the Beatmap Nominators (2017-09-10)
  3. Added Gabe to the Beatmap Nominators (2017-09-10)
  4. Added frukoyurdakul to the Beatmap Nominators (2017-09-10)
  5. Added Taikocracy to the Beatmap Nominators (2017-09-10)
  6. Added Weber to the Beatmap Nominators (2017-09-10)
  7. Added Litharrale to the Beatmap Nominators (2017-09-10)
  8. Added Electoz to the Beatmap Nominators (2017-09-10)
  9. Added alienflybot to the Beatmap Nominators (2017-09-10)
  10. Added neonat to the Beatmap Nominators (2017-09-10)
  11. Added xfraczynho to the Beatmap Nominators (2017-09-10)
  12. Added Chromoxx to the Beatmap Nominators (2017-09-10)
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