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Beatmap Nominators: Member list


You were wondering who could give you some extra hand in the ranking process of your map? Luckily, you came to the right place! Depending on your mapping mode, you will be able to request assistance to our fellow beatmap professionalists in the list below!

You can also access to the osu!wiki page here!

Have fun mapping!

Beatmap Nominators: Divisions list

(Last updated on 2017/12/15)


Name: sd_eyes
Leader: Mir
  • MrSergio, Naxess, Lasse, Naotoshi, celerih, Halfslashed, Hobbes2, Mao, Plaudible

Name: sd_oko_hand
Leader: Okorin
  • Bonsai, Wafu, sahuang, Nozhomi, -Mo-, Delis, Kagetsu

Name: sd_triangles
Leaders: Monstrata, Natsu
  • Doormat, Gero, Karen, Kibbleru, pishifat, Regraz, Chromoxx, Chewin, Sinnoh, Kisses, DeRandom Otaku

Name: sd_anime_domain
Leader: Nardoxyribonucleic
  • Volta, Skylish, JUDYDANNY

Name: sd_ban_anime
Leader: Raiden
  • frukoyurdakul, Gabe, Taikocracy, Jonawaga, Surono, Aloda

Name: sd_taco_mafia
Leaders: Chromoxx, Arrival
  • Monstrata, neonat, Okorin, OzzyOzrock, -Sh1n1-, Kin, xfraczynho, tasuke912

Name: sd_catch
Leaders: Deif, JBHyperion
  • -Sh1n1-, F D Flourite, ZiRoX, MBomb, Absolute Zero, Benny-, Monstrata, Electoz, alienflybot, Hareimu, Nokashi, Sorcerer, celerih

Name: sd_feerum
Leader: Feerum
  • Critical_Star, Kawawa, Maxus, YaHao

Name: sd_monika
Leader: Blocko
  • juankristal, Julie, Fresh Chicken, Weber

Name: sd_social_constructs
Leader: Asherz007
  • Protastic101, Tofu1222, Garalulu, Rivals_7, Litharrale
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