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Finally, after the little showcase video (Along with other review videos) on my previous VOID skin back in mid-2016 (This skin was on it's very early stages, like... 20 hours in)
gave me modivation to make another skin, I made a deadline on the previous post, stating it will be out shortly. I failed it,
I planned that the VOID skin will be out in 2017, and it (finally) did. So here you go, the sequel to the VOID skin: VOID II: DESTRUCTION!

April 30th, 2017
Inital release

Note that the images below have a REALLY large file size, which will affect users with a slow internet connection.

Main menu

(Thank you C-Yuyuko for sending the image!)

Song Selection

Modification Icons

Alternitive Modification Icons

osu!mania Modification Icons

Section Pass (More than 50% of your health)

Section Fail (Less than 50% of your health) and Smoke

Pause Screen

Fail Screen

Ranking Panel


Gameplay II

Gameplay III

Ranking Panel


Gameplay II

Ranking Panel


Gameplay II

Gameplay III

Ranking Panel


Gameplay II (Single nodes)

Gameplay III (Long Notes)

.osk Download

.zip Download

-The installation is simple, drag and drop into an active osu! client and it will import the files into your "Skins" folder. If you don't have your osu! client active, double click the .osk file and the game will open up and import the files into your skins folder

-The installation is kind of different from the .osk, once you downloaded the file, find the directory of your osu! client, go to skins, make a new folder and name it, open said folder and copy over ALL the files of the downloaded .zip file
The other way is to extract the .zip file into the "Skins" folder of your osu! directory

-The color scheme is mostly comprised of mutiple shades of red and pure white;

-This skin, is the first skin that I used Adobe After Effects to make the animations, it took me a total of ~30 hours to prepare, make, correcting mistakes for the animations in a course of a year (With beginners knowleage);

-Speaking of time the reason why the skin took so long to make that is because I got into laziness, getting into new video games, screwing around with said video games, school and general laziness;

-The font (Yes, THE font) I used was is Bitsumishi;

-The songs I used for the applause and failsounds were 'Camelia - overkill ' and 'Camelia - NUCLEAR-STAR' respectively;

-Like the previous VOID skin, I don't have a menu-background screenshot because I lack osu!supporter , if you want to send me one, it'll be great;

-If you see something wrong, be sure to post a reply to this forum post and I will correct it when I see it, any critism (either constructive or otherwise) is welcome, and if you have any questions, don't be shy.
nice skin, but slowest progress ever lol
wat. just happened?

(looks cool ;) very.) Keep working!!
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-yuo- wrote:

wat. just happened?

(looks cool ;) very.) Keep working!!
The Void got destroyed.


rys wrote:

nice skin, but slowest progress ever lol
Thanks, and I know right?
Overall is looking nice! ;)
I wait a some Add-ons for better gameplay. :D
I love the style!
I have tons of skins with their own background, and none of the backgrounds that they have never work, can some one help me with that?
*frustration* My 1500€ PC doesn't handle the skin
EDIT: After 1646196816 various techniques, I finally found the way (just execute when the game is off)
monstrata is proud of you
Llevo toda la mañana buscándolo, y lo encontré :D
LT Mafia Demon
Just played a map on with it active, Looks and feels really good, I'm gonna check out you're other void map, Nice work!!
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