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Blog post Compendium

Hello everyone!

Some of you may already have noticed that over the past few months, the Quality Assurance Team have been running a semi-regular blog where we discuss not only the activities of the QAT, but a variety of other topics spanning osu! gameplay, mapping, modding and the game/community as a whole.

In this thread I would like to post all so far released blog posts and highlight upcoming topics you may be interested in. This thread will be updated as new topics are decided upon and new articles are released!
List of upcoming topics
  1. Controversial Mania Mapping
  2. Modding and why long mods are not automatically better
Members of the QAT currently contributing to this blog are listed below:
  1. Blocko
  2. Cryptic
  3. Feerum
  4. JBHyperion
  5. Kurokami
  6. Mao
  7. Nardoxyribonucleic
  8. Okorin
  9. OnosakiHito

If you have an idea for a topic to be discussed in our blog, feel free to contact any member of the team!
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