ggf's mod relive q (New Mapper Round)

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I'll make this into a proper queue later
I don't use this queue very often anymore so prob not
The rules and things under this can just be ignored for now

General Rules

Don't post the same map twice unless some huge changes or a remap has happenned
Osu standard only
In my last post ill always say if the queue is open/closed, so check that to make sure that it's actually open and not that I forgot to edit the title
I also don't like alot of stupid rules
If we are mutual then just send me a pm with your map and I'll mod it
Free pass artists

If your map is of one of these artists mark type of request in orange and you get a guaranteed nm
The reason why you should mark it is because i can easily see if there are any guaranteed mods i forgot to do before i open again
Akatsuki records!!, Supercell, unison square garden, Frederic, Kalafina, Yuc'e, Yunomi, Daoko, Radwimps, egoist

check userpage for basic policy
Guest difficulties

Just post the diff you want and a link to the set
Ill pm if I accept
No hard diffs
On lower diffs I prefer simpler songs so no wubs preferably as it really isn't fun to simplify those rhythms
Tickets I have of others:

tickets others have of me:
This box is if you ever requested M4M and did not do your side of the mod within a month
You know if you belong here, any requests will be ignored
Yumeno Himiko

Hihi NM req for std ;)

thx in advance!
Tae NM please c:
that's a nice sanic
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Did both mods so waiting for requests
[ XSpec ]
Title: Astral Walker
Artist: Station Earth
Genre: Electronic / Drum and Bass
Length: 5:18 (5:18 Drain)
Difficulties: 1 [Insane (4.88*)]
Thanks :)
hi nm req pls
map length are 9:36 :c

thanks :*
Chibi Maruko
0:40 drain time pls accept first w
Hi, I would like to ask for a NM:

Thanks in advance. :D
- Frontier -
hi! nm req please :D
NM request plese:
I hope you like it, thanks~
Hi! NM please~ only 0:45 sec :3
Hi!I m a new mapper!
NM req thanks!
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I'm going to close the queue until im done with all these maps.
M4M will still be accepted and ill do those immediatly

Ill edit this box when I finish a mod

Done :)
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SCANDiO wrote:

hi nm req pls
map length are 9:36 :c

thanks :*
I am going to decline this one as 9 minutes for an NM is just way too much
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Finally finished all the mods, since I did not expect that many NM request im going to limit the amount of NM's to 5.
M4M will always be possible and get prioritized.

Open again:

NM 0/5
M4M 0/999
NM request please!


Thanks in advance!
Mr HeliX
Hi, I'd like to request a NM :^)

Thanks <3
Hello ! , NM Request Please :)
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