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Can reqs here in all time

GD que

  • start tracking 18.10.2019
    Grade point average: 8.333
  1. makisokk - 0/10
  2. Not DT Farmer 8/10
  3. Zecent 8/10
  4. Irin 9/10

If have mutual with me, can ask about NM in game chat)
"Hmm, I probably know why you came here.
New mapper: You probably just spam at all qeu and in the hope that you will write a mod and also you just want to increase your skill mapping
avarange mapper: You still need to find mods to improve your map and just as well because you need more mods so that bn can nominate your map.
High level mapper: You write just to get as many mods on your map, as possible since with a 70% chance you already have a bn who wants to rank it, but you just have few mods on your map"

1)i'm mod songs only i like and i'm not interested in modding songs that already rank in osu (Exceptions for old maps that be rank not less than 5 years ago or too different styles between them)
2)Plese don't post map twice
3)Just check last post
4)only done sets
5)Please write std or ctb modding (don't work now)
6)I can write mod for 1-2 weeks, since wow, I have a personal life and I don’t always have time to write mods or I’m just not in the mood, so please don't need to curse me for that. If I forgot to write mod, then remind me 14 days later when I wrote a post that I chose your map.
7)Don't forgot i'm useless modder
8)This queue only opens when I am finished with past reqs
9)When writing a post with your map, you automatically accept all the rules. Rules are those words that are highlighted in the list

I'm new in CTB modding, maybe my mods is shits, sorry (prefer mods now low diff)


  1. RADWIMPS - Yume Tourou nm
  2. BTS - Spring Day m4m
  3. UNDEAD CORPORATION - Kaeri wa kowai m4m
  4. Blend A - Bon Appetit S m4m
  5. Hanazono Mei, Ameba Tsukasa - Crying Heart nm
  6. Kensho Ono - ZERO nm
  7. sak respect for Arata Iiyoshi - Reason of being nm
  8. LAMA - Spell m4m
  9. DiGiTAL WiNG - Land of Snow & Little Traveler nm
  10. SisterS - Umaru n Taisou nm
  11. Akehoshi Subaru(CV.Kakihara Tetsuya), Yuuki Makoto(CV.Moriku m4m
  12. angela - Zenryoku*Summer! TV Size nm
  13. Nekomata Master - Neko Samurai no Gyakushu nm
  14. Aqours - Omoiyo Hitotsuninare nm
  15. Larval Stage Planning - Hanabira to Ribon nm
  16. eufonius - Kokoro ni Tsubomi nm
  17. Xavier Dang - Ma Vie C'est De La Merde (CHOHOKU MIX) m4m
  18. Tamaru Yamada - Scarborough Fair m4m

  1. Yukari Tamura - MERRY MERRY MERRY! nm
  2. Norman J. Grossfeld, Russell Velazquez, Joseph Garrity - Got nm
  3. Sadohara Kaori - Day to Story (TV Size) nm
  4. Twinkle Veil from SUPERGiRLS - Jin Jin Jingle Bells (Short Ver.) nm
  5. Black Raison d'etre - Secret Survivor (Short Size) nm


  1. ayase rie & Hanasaka Yui(CV: M.A.O) - yuima-ru*world vs. Harumachi Clover nm mod V2
  2. LiSA - crossing field -TV ver.- nm
  3. Takagi-san (CV: Rie Takahashi) - Kimagure Romantic nm mod v2
  4. Ryusei Tai - Tenka Muteki Meteor Ranger! m4m

  1. SoundTeMP - Title m4m
  2. Jumper - Aether (new) nm
  3. Kaori Fujimiya (CV - Sora Amamiya) - Kanade m4m
  4. Nekomata Master - Scars of FAUNA nm
  5. Feint - The Journey (feat. Veela) nm
  6. Suzuki Konomi - My Days nm
  7. Saratoga(CV: Sumire Uesaka) - Souzetsu Gekkou nm
  8. Nightwish - Scaretale nm
  9. Minase Inori, Hanazawa Kana, Iguchi Yuka, Hayami Saori - Koko Kara, Koko Kara nm
  10. Tapimil - Hakkensha wa Watashi (Anime Size) nm
  11. IOSYS - Stalemate! nm
  12. UNDEAD CORPORATION - Embraced by the Flame (English ver) nm
  13. Ci Mei Gui - Wu Xuan Lan (Speed Up Ver.) m4m
  14. Yueporu feat. Hatsune Miku - Kurikaeshi Hitotsubu nm
  15. Krewella - Say Goodbye nm
  16. Dragonforce - Heroes of Our Time m4m
  17. Yamazaki Moe - Kataomoi no Melody o short ver. nm
  18. Mili - Mirror mirror m4m
  19. BTS - MIC Drop m4m

  1. Delta Sleep - Interlude nm
  2. eufonius - Paradigm nm
  3. Sakabe Go - Date a Live Orchestra Version nm
  4. Uema Emi - Slow Starter nm
  5. Mimori Suzuko - Egao no Kimi e (TV Size) nm
  6. Trial & Error - Taiatari*Romance feat. Ayuru Ouhashi (Short Ver.) nm
  7. Aoi - GuarDina nm
  8. Paul Bazooka - SigNalize nm

  1. Freezer Feat. Kiichigo - Berry Go !! nm
  2. Ahiru - HEARTBEAT (USAO Remix) nm
  3. Enya - Anywhere Is nm
  4. Roselia - Neo-Aspect nm
  5. Fukunaga Yoru - Hitohira no, Daisuki o, nm

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DeRandom Otaku
Mode: NM
Artist : BTS
Music : kpop
Link :
Mode : NM
Artist : Nogizaka46
Music : jpop
Title : Mouse Dance
Link :

really short song ( 0:56) to mod. thanks!
Mode: NM
Artist : Lockyn
Music : Electronic
Link :

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NM Closed
Topic Starter
Mode: NM
Artist : Feint
Music : DNB
Link :
Mode: NM
Artist : Tenacious D ft. Dave Grohl
Music : Rock
Link :

i believe every map has flaws so yea

thank you!
Mode: NM
Artist: Thaehan
Music: Electro

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NM Closed
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Проверишь мою карту на NM?

Mode: NM
Artist : Marie Naganawa
Music : Anime Japanese
Link :
NM request !
Title: "D" Chronicle
Artist: Yousei Teikoku
Genre : Metal
Difficulties: 4,16* and 5,47*
Lone Pixel
Mode: NM
Artist : Hirokazu Ando & Jun Ishikawa
Music : Dangerous Dinner (video game soundtrack)
Link :

Thank you very much! :D
Artist : Stellamaris
Music : jpop
Link :

thx :>
Mode: NM
Artist: YUZU
Music: J-Pop, anime, ending

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I took everything request
NM im not really that good but I'll appriciate all helps :)

My Angel Kitten
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