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Kat DeLuna ft. Busta Rhymes - Run The Show (Nightcore Mix)

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Thank you for not putting the skin in a Skin folder lol

xxheroxx's Easy:
Shouldn't it be ccheroxx' Easy to be grammatically correct?^^
02:04:442 (1,1) - Having beats so close after spinners in Easy diffs is not really recommended. Especially after a rather short spinner like this. Short in terms of Easy diff.

BounceBabe's Hard:
00:32:327 (6,7) - This anti-jump confused the hell out of me while playing.
00:34:155 (6,7) - ^
00:48:556 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - You can solve this anti-jump easily by Horizontal flipping of the combo.
00:51:299 (3,4) - I know this anti-jump is here because you copy pasted, but still this looks hella ugly and plays fairly bad.
00:55:870 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - You can solve this anti-jump easily by Horizontal flipping of the combo.
02:41:470 (2,3,4) - Give the (3) slider a slight curve and move it up some ticks. Because of the anti-jump. Fix the slider (5) and the copy paste too.
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Thanks a lot Rukario for modding! \:D/

Waiting only for BounceBabe's fixes and this is ready, I suppose.
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Updated :>
Did a quick recheck and now bubbled.
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@AngelHoney: Thanks for your star \:D/

@Rukarioman: Thanks once again for checking into the map and for the bubble :3
Go Go Go to ranked :DD

Dark_Ai wrote:

Go Go Go to ranked :DD
yaay! x33
your 130th beatmap.. And I can't even get one ranked yet. FML
I try to find any probem, but is perfect.


eldnl wrote:

I try to find any probem, but is perfect.

YAY \o/

BounceBabe wrote:

eldnl wrote:

I try to find any probem, but is perfect.

YAY \o/
sorry have to pop, because the Hard diff needs a bit more work :/

BounceBabe's Hard
01:00:213 (6) - needs to have a bit more space, move it down abit so it is the same as your normal spacing
01:24:670 (4,1) - i would really advise to space these combos more away from each other, at the moment its kinda breaking the flow
01:31:985 (4,1) - same
01:28:327 (6,7,8) - lol its pretty obv this is broken spacing xD, make all these have the same 1/1 spacing to follow its timing
02:05:585 - i would really suggest to add a note here to help flow, like this maybe
02:08:099 (7,1) - again these need more distance, the two combos being so close to each other does feel unintuitive
02:09:013 (1,2) - give more spacing, this antijump was uncalled for
02:12:670 (3,4) - increase spacing again to make it consistent within this pattern
02:15:414 (7,1,2,3,4,5) - same comments as above for this copy paste part
02:28:213 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - H flip this i would advise
02:46:956 (2,3,4,1,2,3) - not really fond on all the anti jumps in this section.....they are playable though i guess
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Goodbye Mr.Bubble ~_~
nice map again yay
just some little opinion >_>"

[BounceBabe's Hard]
just one opinion.
01:51:642 (1,2,3,4) - the sliders change into reverse sliders is not easy for me lol. It will be better if some snapping is added.

01:53:356 (2) - delete these 4 notes. The stream runs more smoothly imo
01:55:185 (2) -
02:00:670 (2) -
02:02:499 (2) -
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Thanks for modding but I don't agree with your suggestions about Insane difficulty.

No changes, sorry :?
Sorry, I'm a bit late :<

  1. "Star2.png" exceeds the max size (52x50). Re-size it, please.
  2. Storyboard: The pulses during the chorus are way too fast imo, consider adding a few more ms to the fade out effect.
  3. Tags: "Trance" Music genres shouldn't be used as tags imo, I guess you can keep it if you reeaaally want it.

[xxheroxx's Easy]
  1. Some combo's length are way too long for [Easy] imo, 3 stanzas seems acceptable but 4 seems too much when the combo includes lots of circles and sliders. I'll point out some of them,mainly the ones that really need to split up:
  2. 00:45:813 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
  3. 00:53:127 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
  4. 01:22:384 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
  5. 01:29:698 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
  6. 02:20:899 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
    Nothing else worth pointing out~

  1. 00:14:270 (1) - This circle would be way more intuitive here: 00:13:813 - than it's current position, consider moving it.
  2. 00:15:185 (3) - I wouldn't suggest to silence this slider-ends. That kind of effect tend to be a bit disorienting, even more if it's used in diffs like this one, perhaps 50~60% with soft-override?
  3. 00:46:270 (2) - Perhaps, NC here?, the kiai just started so there's clearly a musical change.
  4. 01:44:327 - This part feels a bit weird while playing, probably because all the objects are on red ticks, I strongly suggest to don't leave circles by themselves because it might be a bit hard to hit them for [Normal] players. Some easy solutions:
  5. 01:47:756 (1) - You should remove this circle and then add a repeat to the last slider.
  6. 01:50:042 (4,5) - Perhaps, replace these ones with a slider? if you don't want to break the symmetry then you can easily copy the slider and paste it here: 01:52:099 (2,3) -
  7. 02:25:013 (1) - Perhaps, use an horizontal flip to improve the flow a bit?
  8. 02:30:042 (1) - ^
  9. 02:35:527 - The rhythm seems way more noticeable so I guess there's no problem here~
  10. 02:35:527 (1,2) - These objects felt rather normal and unexpected here Try something more intuitive, perhaps something like this?

[BounceBabe's Hard]
  1. 00:04:441 (3,4) - (4) needs to be more spaced otherwise the spacing won't make sens and it'll kill the flow of the pattern.
  2. 00:13:356 (2) - A bit nazi but blankets are not supposed to overlap with the other object, try to improve it a bit like this. I'll leave the code if you want to use it.
  3. 00:15:184 (2) - Same for this one ^
  4. 00:29:356 (3,4) - Increase the spacing of these objects so the spacing is even and easy to follow
  5. 00:33:242 (2) - Is this jump really necessary? The same rhythm has played for the last patterns but you didn't use a jump for those. I strongly suggest to remove this jump, moving (1) around should be enough.
  6. 01:28:327 (6,7,8) - These objects completely threw me off while playing. I didn't expect sudden 1/1, those objects are killing the flow, I suggest to either keep mapping the 1/2 rhythm or increase the spacing between those objects.
  7. 01:35:870 (1,2,3,4) - An horizontal flip would increase the flow and avoid some objects getting hidden by hit-bursts, consider applying it.
  8. 01:52:099 (3) - The second repeat arrow is completely covered by the previous hit-burst, that's considered unrankable. Try unstacking it or re-arranging the pattern. (This applies even if it's a kick slider)
  9. 01:52:556 (4) - ^
  10. 01:53:927 (3) - ^
  11. 01:54:384 (4) - ^
  12. 01:56:213 (5) - ^
  13. 01:59:413 (3) - ^
  14. 01:59:870 (4) - ^
  15. 02:01:242 (3) - ^
  16. 02:01:699 (4) - ^
  17. 02:03:070 (2) - ^
    Am I overreacting D:? If you're not sure about this, feel free to ask around to some BATs. I've already asked Derek about many issues like this one before, I don't feel like bothering him again :<
  18. 02:19:756 (3) - Why the sudden spacing decrease D:? Increase this spacing please.
  19. 02:30:727 (3) - ^
  20. 02:34:613 (3) - The slider-track is getting covered by the previous slider, this can be easily fixed by using an Horizontal Flip (CTRL+H), try it.
  21. 02:48:784 (1) - This anti-jump/sudden-reduced-spacing felt quite unexpected, it throw me off a bit. Try using a Reverse Selection (CTRL+R) to fix this. (Don't forget to fix the spacing of the next objects)
  22. 02:49:927 - I strongly suggest to make this diff end here, the song ends here. I see that you silenced the last slider-end, you did that because there aren't beats after that point (02:49:927) so there's no reason to place a slider-end there.

  1. 00:06:042 (4) - This last objects is really hard to see while playing, perhaps modify the pattern a bit to make it more visible?
  2. 01:09:813 (7) - Perhaps, start the next NC here? This is where the musical change happens.
  3. 01:51:413 - Why is the spacing between the 1st and the 2nd stream wider than the one used between the 2nd and the 3rd stream? All of them are 1/4 apart so the spacing should be even, reduce the spacing between the 1st and the 2nd one please.
  4. 02:46:727 (1) - This slider-body is right under the last one thus this object seems like a circle at first glance, I strongly suggest to move this somewhere else.
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