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storyboard pls

more seriously though, i'm compressing your files right now.
i'll send it later.

edit : k i'm done

might not seem like it, but it really improves FPS on low end systems.

It shouldn't break anything as I just recompressed the images, though if it fucks something up make sure to backup everything.
Compressed : https://fruity.s-ul.eu/Y5w0AygS
Original files : https://fruity.s-ul.eu/gJPEoVRW
this storyboard is the best thing i ever seen in my life
oh god this is.... good c:
This blew my mind

can i bubble this
I was wondering if you could rank this.png :thinking:
nutty remap
Literally the BEST storyboard I've ever seen in my life
Hi, I just pointed some notes that are touching or close to touche some elements (like hpbar or so), not kudo.

  1. 01:14:453 (2) -
  2. 02:07:253 (1,2) -
  3. 02:14:603 (1) -
  4. 02:17:753 (1) -
  5. 02:25:703 (1) -
  6. 03:38:153 (1) -
  7. 03:53:003 (2) -
  8. 03:57:053 (3) -
  9. 04:29:978 (2,3) -

Very good job with SB and map, I dropped some little tears watching this ^^U
Good luck!
cool sb
Singpart aka Sing

Minorsonek wrote:

old version was more playable and imo had better rhythm,
new version has better sliderarts at least

especially this section 01:27:353 (1,2,3,4,1,2,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3) - was waaayy better in old version, now it doesnt follow music well i've just come up with that lol well i replaced to easier version.

NeilPerry wrote:

Remove reality distortion from tags. Done
Add in tags smthing like: drumstep. Done
On epilepsy warning. Done
Recheck with modding assistans unsuing sb files. He is crying xd This osb file is so much optized so that just makes error.

01:49:853 (1) - offscreen Replaced
03:41:003 (2) - NC will be ok cuz big sv gap on soft part
03:50:603 (2,2) - same nc thing

Gokateigo wrote:

  1. Enable Epilepsy warning Done
  2. 02:02:453 (1,1,1,1,1) - undermapped this kiai is calmer than others kiai, and after part is also very calm. i think it shouldn't be built it up.
  3. 05:20:828 - circle here This part is obviously calm part. don't wanna be complex them.

Regou wrote:

  1. 01:28:253 (1,2) - silence sliderend? replaced.
  2. 01:30:653 (1,2) - ^ replaced.
  3. 01:51:203 (1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5) - swapping these two set of stream pattern should make it easier to read uhh... i don't think that's works well and current version is still better imo.
  4. 03:00:803 (3,1) - space them further? done
  5. 03:44:603 (1,1) - reduce spacing here? generally it feels too much for a slow part fixed.
  6. 04:46:553 (1,2,3,1,2,3) - sex
also i applied new sb files things (and i also reoptimized things). Thanks!

Regou wrote:

sorry this is too perfect idk what to write

[*]01:06:653 (4) - NC for cut-stream? done
[*]03:37:103 (1,2,3,1,2,3) - The spacing here is much larger than the others I don't think it's necessary fixed
[*]04:30:653 (1,2,3,4) - make it consistent with previous stream pattern? (e.g 04:21:053 (1,2,3,4) -) unlike 04:33:053 (1,2,3,4) - which is highlighting end of section music remains relatively the same which make this kinda sudden fixed

Best song, best map, best sb 👁 💭 👈 💘 👌 💯 👈
updated .osu : https://puu.sh/yCicR/f1257a9f03.osu
is it just me or does the map look deleted?


LowAccuracySS wrote:

is it just me or does the map look deleted?
It's just forum's bug :v you can still download through forum thread.

rrtyui wrote:

LowAccuracySS wrote:

is it just me or does the map look deleted?
It's just forum's bug :v you can still download through forum thread.
Not only forum's bug, you've updated your map today and after I update in-game it shows 00:00 length 0bpm map, i need to manually come here and download it again, so seems like this map is bugged in some way.

btw, why od9? :crying:
 17:15 DeRandom Otaku: http://puu.sh/yBYr6/833a97ea77.png
17:15 DeRandom Otaku: ??
17:18 rrtyui: uhhh
17:21 DeRandom Otaku: is that happening for you too or is it just me lol
17:22 rrtyui: i think that was happened by me
17:24 rrtyui: well i'm trying to fix that now
17:24 DeRandom Otaku: it shows correct info on thread http://puu.sh/yBYCC/4accb56cee.png
17:24 DeRandom Otaku: idk maybe osu is bugging
17:26 rrtyui: hmmmm
17:26 rrtyui: i reuploaded it now
17:27 DeRandom Otaku: still same for me wth
17:28 rrtyui: aswell...
17:28 DeRandom Otaku: i asked few more people and its same for them too lol
17:30 rrtyui: probably osu takes it as like a new map i think because when i uploaded just new forum design page was appeared
17:30 rrtyui: *appeared
17:30 DeRandom Otaku: well atleast it downloads and plays fine so ye
17:30 rrtyui: orz
17:31 DeRandom Otaku: let me have a check
17:31 rrtyui: yeah it can download from forum page for now
17:31 rrtyui: yey
17:31 DeRandom Otaku: it can also be downloaded from listing page properly lol
17:32 DeRandom Otaku: Who made the SB
17:32 DeRandom Otaku: you didn't mention about it anywhere
17:32 rrtyui: lul
17:32 rrtyui: hmmmm
17:33 rrtyui: it was mentioned in storyboarding tho
17:33 DeRandom Otaku: o
17:33 rrtyui: i should put it in somewhere
17:33 DeRandom Otaku: yep
17:33 rrtyui: like in discription
17:33 DeRandom Otaku: yes that would be cool
17:33 rrtyui: oh then ill
17:34 DeRandom Otaku: oh my god my whole editor is laggy LOL
17:34 DeRandom Otaku: my pc suck
17:34 DeRandom Otaku: s
17:34 rrtyui: ok done
17:35 DeRandom Otaku: Epic
17:35 rrtyui: rip
17:36 DeRandom Otaku: http://puu.sh/yBYTG/2d4d714820.png
17:36 DeRandom Otaku: http://puu.sh/yBYTY/f40fd56ea6.png
17:36 DeRandom Otaku: is this real
17:36 DeRandom Otaku: i just deleted and re downloaded them pa
17:36 DeRandom Otaku: the map*
17:36 rrtyui: i'm also laggy tho heheh
17:36 rrtyui: i already confirmed that is not correct
17:37 rrtyui: well... osb file was super compressed so
17:37 rrtyui: it seems just like that
17:37 DeRandom Otaku: if the files are'nt used and still exist in map's folder ,you should get rid of them i guess
17:37 rrtyui: i think it's exception for modding assistant
17:37 DeRandom Otaku: also what about this http://puu.sh/yBYVj/58c84dbf91.png. Ai-mod says that
17:38 rrtyui: ooohhh
17:38 rrtyui: ok ill check again
17:39 DeRandom Otaku: alright
17:40 rrtyui: oops that's extension was just wrong...
17:40 rrtyui: it actually jpg but thats png now
17:40 DeRandom Otaku: nice
17:44 DeRandom Otaku: 01:16:628 - did you intentionally remove that break
17:47 rrtyui: oops
17:47 DeRandom Otaku: 02:57:053 (1) - Change to two kick sliders?
17:48 DeRandom Otaku: it would be nicer to have the kick on 02:57:203 - emphasized in some way
17:52 DeRandom Otaku: 04:31:853 (1,1,2) - These should be part of same combo ,like 04:23:453 (1,2,3,4) - 04:24:653 (1,2) - etc
17:52 DeRandom Otaku: the new combo shiould start from 04:32:153 (3) -
17:57 rrtyui: about 02:57:053 (1): i prefer current style than that
17:58 rrtyui: * 02:57:203
17:59 DeRandom Otaku: 04:27:353 (1) - Missing hitsound on tail
17:59 rrtyui: about 04:31:853 (1,1,2): hmm that's not my part tho, but i think current works well
18:00 rrtyui: 04:31:853 (1) - i think that is needed, 04:32:003 (1) - is also needed for aesthetic problem
18:00 DeRandom Otaku: ya it looks cleaner but consistency is kinda important too lo
18:01 DeRandom Otaku: well anyway ,its pretty minor. doesnt matter much
18:03 DeRandom Otaku: 01:48:953 (3) - you forgot to add drum addition and finish here as well
18:03 DeRandom Otaku: 01:54:953 (1) - Drum addition
18:04 rrtyui: yeah i actually understand that is but im going to respect for my partner's sence in that
18:04 rrtyui: about 04:27:353 (1) - : sorry but i still don't get it...
18:05 rrtyui: about 01:48:953 (3) - : fixed
18:05 rrtyui: about 01:54:953 (1) - : fixed
18:07 DeRandom Otaku: 04:27:353 (1) - i meant, add drum addition and finish
18:07 DeRandom Otaku: on sliderend
18:09 rrtyui: oops i was dumb i just mistook that for sonething
18:09 rrtyui: fixed
18:10 DeRandom Otaku: Change slider tick rate to 1 atleast
18:10 DeRandom Otaku: 0.5 is not allowed
18:10 DeRandom Otaku: it has caused DQ's in past
18:10 rrtyui: oh
18:11 rrtyui: sing actually said before that is rankable lol
18:11 rrtyui: well ok ill fix
18:11 DeRandom Otaku: i asked other BNs about it http://puu.sh/yBZIc/e321741f26.jpg
18:12 rrtyui: setting bpm 100 :^^^^^^^^c^)
18:12 DeRandom Otaku: :^)
18:12 rrtyui: well ill set 1
18:14 DeRandom Otaku: ya i guess thats it

Also since 01:44:153 (1) - is slider ,why not slider at 04:17:828 (1) - as well?

Also still need to talk a bit more about SB and the bug on score listing page before bubbling this
Mystery solved


ErunamoJAZZ wrote:

Hi, I just pointed some notes that are touching or close to touche some elements (like hpbar or so), not kudo.
i don't care about that so.

Minorsonek wrote:

btw, why od9? :crying:
because it's one of my favorite :roll:

DeRandom Otaku wrote:

**irc modding**
thanks for modding and a lot of carrying me! :cry:

Sinnoh wrote:

Mystery solved
thanks for supporting! that issue is fixed by that now.

and, i added my logo animation into sb's intro yey~
This base storyboard is actually coded in 2017 spring. It was around eighty percent done i think.
but sadly, I had no idea anymore, so it was shelved in a long time.
However, Sing told me "How about rank this? with my diff renewed style." in 2017 oct.
I just think it was chance to tackle it again, also that is waste that keeping this storyboard asleep.
so i decide to revive this, also go for rank : ). and i just to tell you, That is, PLS RANK THIS. Thanks.
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