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Greetings and all that. I just found this program today and picked a random song and kind of started messing about with it.

So this is my first ever beatmap :

Let me know your thoughts/ advice or if i should never attempt one again :P.
Hitoshirenu Shourai
Your timing was fine, but your offset wasn't. A lot of the notes on the timeline were a bit weird, so I fixed them. The only problem now is the actual beat placement. A lot of it seemed just way too random. Also, be careful with how you set up combo colors, because it isn't good visually to have more high number. Most people find it best to have combos go between 4-8, which tends to be best, really. Anyways, good luck with this! Once you fix it up, you should make an easier version. It's a nice song, and I'd like to see it make ranked.

Download: Lisa Locheed - The Raccoons - Run With Us (Bonesnake) [Normal].osu
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Alright, here's the newer version. Hopefully it looks better this time around.
Hitoshirenu Shourai
Much better! Now we just need an Easy version to go with it, and it'll be Ranking material. =D
Hi there. I tried this beatmap and found that the offset isn't accurate. Also, the notes where snapped to 1/8 thanks to this offset problem (and that made some bad timed notes). I changed the BPM and repositioned the notes until the first break (1:23). AND some sliders had that nice tick at the end of them I also corrected them.

This is the .osu with those things. You should re-position the notes at 1/2, I think that it isn't necesary to use 1/4 now. See how it's done at the first part.


Download: Lisa Locheed - The Raccoons - Run With Us (Bonesnake) [Normal].osu
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I'm happy to rank this, after one small change - I think the offset is better at ~230-240. Can you please check this and confirm/update if you agree? (make sure to select all beats and realign using the timeline after changing the offset)

Thanks :)
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Seems fine now :). Good job.
Wrong .osz was uploaded. I've reuploaded and the files should be the ranked ones now. ;) Go highscore it people!
hi, i was trying to download this beatmap but when i put in global scores it appears "not submited yet" =S
The .osz has contained the wrong .osu's for the longest time, which is why it's showing up like that.

Go into the folder for this map, delete the .osu, and replace it with the two .osu's attached. It should function properly afterwards.

Also note that the beatmap pack containing this map has these .osu's already, as well. So anyone that has downloaded it via that pack should not have this problem. ;x

Download: Lisa Locheed - The Raccoons - Run with us (Bonesnake) [Easy].osu

Download: Lisa Locheed - The Raccoons - Run with us (Bonesnake) [Normal].osu
Thanks a lot. Saturos
This brought back memories of my childhood, and it's catchier than I remembered it as well. (The Raccoons wasn't such a great cartoon (in my humble opinion), but this song sure is).

I find the 6.6 rating a bit disheartening, but then again I think a lot of people missed out on this song because the .osz is messed up (problem described above by Saturos).

I give it a 9.0, (and I don't give a damn about spacing, it's an '07 map :P )
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Confirming that something is broken here (it says Not Submitted in song select)
download should be fixed?
The osz for this map has been broken since 2007.

To make it playable, go to the details page, and manually "grab the latest .osu file"
why got the Easy diff updated and the scores
dat top50 on easy diff
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