nao's bn again queue

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Nao Tomori

i wont check maps of songs that are already ranked
i wont check your map unless you made an actual diff - im not ranking something you made a normal and a hard for and nothing else
i will check anything that is by soraru or two steps from hell
i will generally try to match drain times unless i am interested especially in the set (m4m)
do not forum pm me requests unless i say to call me back or tell you to
i hate kpop and neurofunk
if you are a bn, i wont accept your request from this queue - send through pm or in game or discord (m4m only)

don't use caps in your post if you read this post

Would appreciate a look, bubbled map.
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Nao Tomori
ok first 3 maps get a mod don't post after that

holy fuck that ninja
hm it's been ranked already but hope you like it anyways

just wondering if you could check this :3

thanks ></
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Nao Tomori
ok dont post now
hi~ it's already ranked, but old map and no extra :(

nm please! :3

thank you!
nice q
man you cant do me like that
Lily Bread

Nao Tomori wrote:

ok dont post now
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Nao Tomori
next 5 maps follow rules plz
Hello, here's my map t/537203/start=15 highest diff has 3.45 stars, thank you so much!
notice me pls

davided suggested you lol

edit: shit phone keyboard auto cap. sorrie xd

hello dad there are absolutely no caps in this
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Nao Tomori
ok stop

next time i will ignore every map that breaks the rules it really isnt that hard

hello nao tomori i would like you to check my map called ojamajo de ban^2 it would be many appreciated if you could mod it

Nao Tomori wrote:

don't use caps in your post if you read this post
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