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SMT Monthly 11: March | Winner: RHJJD + power men

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  1. osu! standard
  2. Rank: 1k-10k + 10k-50k
  3. 16 teams maximum per bracket
  4. 3v3 w/ team size of 6 (minimum 4)
  5. Score v2
looking for team timezone UTC+7
Rank : 17K
What's the sched?
Looking for a team, UTC+2.
Pm if interested.
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Kyozoru wrote:

What's the sched?
Matches will be played on the 4 weekends of March, with group stage being on the first week.
I'll try and get a more detailed overview up soon, website will show you when matches are when they are available.
Willing to join team. Rank 11k. UTC-6.
Rank #42k looking for team
Autistic Bear
Looking for team
Timezone: EET
Hello Tiddielovers!

Anime Tiddles is recruiting! Now is the time to join our team!

Anime Tiddles is an Osu team with lot's of experience over multiple tourney's. A few accomplishments so far are:
First place SMT#6
First place SMT #8
Third place SMT #9
Second place SMT #10 (team B)
Third place SMT #10 (team A)
We also have experience with bigger tournaments like SMT Winter, OHC, and lot's of other tourneys

We are looking for Active people with a good amount of time over the weekends.
We are looking for both 1k-10k AND 10k-50k Players!

Always wanted to join a fun team with a big community?
Always wanted to get better at osu?
Are you ready to fight for your win and feel the oh so sweet euphoria? ;)

Send me a message ingame, here in the forums or PM me!

See you soon!
Looking for someone to play with. Rank #27k.
Damn, Teamname Length was too short for our preferred names :(
This makes me sad.
Anyone willing to team up? Rank #28k
17k, slide into my dms
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