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This is a slightly advanced tutorial for an important mapping method that nobody talks about.
Using this will help your map be more readable and not get trolled!

Please watch in HD and fullscreen.

An interesting topic to make a tutorial about that's for sure.

I actually never thought about 'Polarity' too much when playing as half the maps I played had such strange rhythms etc I just started sight-reading everything but a nice thing to think about when going through modding maps too.
Well i thought that was kind of obvious, linking polarities together with a slider when they arent 1/4 apart, since you're following the song, not making random notes, nice tutorial tho
I always called this "Lybydose's stupid rule"
for reference, in this, the singer also usually sings on 1/4
Nice tutorial btw, add that using good hitsounds helps A LOT
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Krisom wrote:
for reference, in this, the singer also usually sings on 1/4
Nice tutorial btw, add that using good hitsounds helps A LOT
Wow, that's a great example of doing it most right and a little wrong at the same time :P
Thanks for posting that!
The term you're looking for is syncopation. Polarity refers to something else in music.
Yeah, this is a convoluted way of stating that a syncopation should usually be indicated with a slider or stack--changes in spacing aren't a given way of reading offbeats. The current trend is to browbeat the player into assuming that just about everything in a map will be either 1/1 or 1/2, because many mappers hate arranging and spacing hit objects in a logical fashion. In many cases, reading spacing appears to be an ancient and mystical art.

Of course, this concept shouldn't be followed blindly. Sometimes, a map with large and consistent spacing can make it very easy to read offbeats and the chant of the spacing-flouters of "LEARN TO READ APPROACH CIRCLES" makes reading the odd offbeat very easy. Just look at this:

There is a clear difference in spacing around the dotted eighth patterns. Even Charles agreed that breaking his polarity rule can work:

However, being able to read subtle rhythm changes becomes hard during particularly fast songs, ergo one should use Charles' guide in order to make patterns easier to follow. Otherwise, subtle spacing changes in sensibly spaced maps can be good in both [Insane] and [Hard] when appropriate, as they are a great way of adding rhythmic emphasis, interest and challenge--not to mention, enabling many more interesting patterns to be created. Play 'Ouendan 2' and you'll see what I mean.
Charles is awesome and his voice is awesome :D
Obvious things, but not for everyone. Very good tutorial man.
the proper name should be "syncopation" :P
btw gj on this guide, everybody should give it a look

and sexy voice
Melancholy Haze
Thank you very much for this tutorial. It helped with some issues in my map.
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