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- Ruby -
Hi everyone. :)

I can't seem to acc anything properly. And I don't know how to improve it. If I play 3 or 4* maps my acc wont be higher than 88-92% so what can I do further to get better acc?

And my second problem is that im choking because when im having a high combo im starting to shake and keep choking.

Well atleast thanks for reading. :P

Thanks in advance! :)
Welcome to osu!

thelewa wrote:

If you have really bad accuracy then just try to really look at the approach circles and really try to get acc that is above 97%, increase this minimum accuracy once you get better at it, capping out at 99%. Going for SS is useless for your general accuracy if you use a billion tries for it, so it's not worth the effort. Eventually something will click into place and accuracy will get easier.

darkmiz wrote:

First, please use hit-sounds. This is a rhythm game, and like taiko you need to match every beat or else it will sound bad. I strongly recommend everyone play some taiko (with hit-sounds, of course) to improve accuracy.

Second, practice slow streams. Playing too many fast streams will get you into bad habits (like mashing through slider-streams or fast parts you can't read) which is bad for accuracy. The only way to improve is to play these same streams/parts in a slower speed and read them perfectly and get 100% accuracy. You can use the edit-mode and pratice reading these streams/parts with slower speed. When you get comfortable you will read them at a faster speed. That is the real way to improve accuracy.
There are a lot of threads about accuracy, use search. :3

And for chokes.. You cannot do much about it, you can try to hide In-Game interface by pressing Shift+Tab, but it doesn't help me.
I Give Up
Drinking lots of water, eating healthy and getting plenty of rest and exercise throughout your day, will give you all the oxygen and nutrients you need to stay focused for much longer while under stress. Aside from that there isn't really anything you can do to stop choking.
Chockes are the norm, FCs the exception.

I've learned how to not choke anymore with a quite simple trick, which one of the best players also does (Rohulk).

Play maps in your comfortable starrange, only because you FCd some 4* maps doesn't mean you can actually play 4* maps. I'd recommend you to play anything from 3.5* to 4* and play until you miss. If you miss, play another map, but pick a random one (with F2). Do this til you are consistent enough and sightread (first try) FC 3* maps casually. Aim for 99% accuracy FCs, it might take some time to get there, but it is worth the effort. Not only your aim and accuracy will improve, if you are consistent enough FCing 4* maps will be way easier. I'm the living proof that this works, I spent most of my time on ~4.5*-5* maps (starting at 4* til my fingers are warm) and I've learned lots of mapping styles and almost all of my best plays are first try FCs (even my first 200PP play). I even FCd some random 5* maps with one try.

After all the only thing you can do is playing more and with playing more I mean playing diffrent mapping styles too and not just the generic 90sec jumpmap. If you grind for skill PP will come naturally and you'll climb the ladder in a really enjoyable pace without the frustration of retrying maps. I'd only recommend retrying if you are learning a new skill, like streaming higher BPM or improving your fingercontrol.

NINJAEDIT: Adjust the starrange if you are too bad/good. Play higher difficulties if your accuracy and aim is on point and lower difficulties if you are warming up.

NINJAEDIT v2: I'm an accuracy player by the way. I try to have insane fingercontrol (e.g. streaming slow maps ~130BPM), stamina and speed, so the only way to get 100s is misreading stuff.
One possible way to lesson your chokes would be to increase your tablet area so your shaking won't translate to big cursor movements on the screen .
I got no tips for acc bc my acc is dank af sorry fam
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- Ruby -
Anyway thank you for all the advice guys. :)
Some of your advice is working so thank you :D
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