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aye you're back, i didn't really know how long you'd be kinda gone so i took care of the delis mod

regardless, still re-updating with your changes now

fixed vinxis' stuff on his req
00:00:434 (1,2,3) - Bad flow lol idk, the movement is pretty obvious and its quite simple to play
00:01:283 (3,4,5) - same spacing? No emphasis? right, the point is the pause provides the emphasis to 5
00:02:556 (6,7) - please hitsound these with whistles for feedback otherwise it feels like im playing ghost notes k
Rinse and repeat the above points. Goes for the ending too
00:12:603 (4,1,2,3,4,1) - Maybe I have shit reading but the way all these are stacked is really annoying to read hasnt been an issue for ppl so i think its fine
00:18:830 (1) - This is the only slider in the map that uses 2 red anchor points iirc . To keep in line with the aesthetics of teh rest of the map I would cut out one and perhaps shape it like 00:21:235 (4) - fair
01:01:566 (1,2,3,4,5) - This doesn't feel intuitive at all. You map 01:01:754 as a slider end then go on to map all the other 1/3 beats as sliderheads, it's like you were going for one rhythm then switched to another out of nowhere. I would either map the whole thing as 1/3 sliders are make the transition for intuitive. Eg http://puu.sh/wFFdS/7e3ab0ddc0.jpg I fucked up the rhythm here, fixed it
01:01:849 (2,3,4,5) - If you don't change the above then delete the whistles on the end. They are really jarring and the aren't needed as the hitnormals on the sliderheads give more than enough feedback yes
01:02:698 (1,2,3) - ^ same but with hitnormals it works here imo
01:53:358 (1,1,1) - This is like really hard to acc You think so? plays quite simply to me
02:08:924 (1,1,1,1,1,1) - You don't need to NC spam this as you've made the rhythm clear with the first 2 reverse sliders 02:08:358 (1,2) correct
02:09:396 (1,1) - This is a bit messy and unpolished tbh. How about restructuring things? K
Check blankets: 00:11:047 (2,3) - 01:15:433 (3,5) -
00:00:434 (1,2,3,4,5) - The rhythm you are trying to follow isn't right. Music pattern here is like https://puu.sh/wFLjG/bd17c05ddf.png I actually think both work here lol, based on the notes in the music. prefer mine
00:16:849 (1,1) - Kinda strange that you make here bigger spacing than 00:08:924 (1,1) - here, though sounds in 2nd situation is louder than in 1st mostly a result of the pattern, but also the fact that jumping to a slider with this rhythm in this diff level is easier to play and less unfair.
00:26:471 (1) - Too passive slider imo, you could try something like 2 1/2 sliders and circle here mostly the sharp contrast with the many instruments to just one is best represented with something very simple
01:01:566 (1,2,3,4,5) - Try my rhythm instead, it follows main sounds imo https://puu.sh/wFLAE/b77501fc37.png Addressed in earlier mod
01:17:839 (1,1,1,1,1) - Better show some difference between 1/1 and 1/2 rhythms here Ye, fixed comboing
01:46:000 (1) - Stack is broken, though same suggestion here ^ Ye
00:23:500 (4) - I think this one is too close to his previous note cause this one has really low DS which is the only place in this part where you put such low DS on this sound cause every time you mapped this part you made some kind of sharp jump change slider shape and this one is kind hmm lame xd I buffed it a bit
00:26:188 (4,5,6,7,1) - This part would look so much better like this doesnt fit music intensity imo
thanks yall, i responded to these earlier but apparently never posted it and lost all my changes when i updated once by accident. im stupid

Sorry to Battle for my mess up z-z

vinxis tilts

01:10:216 (5) -01:17:150 (3) - hitsounds so loud compared to liek 00:59:036 (8) - 01:04:555 (6) - 01:07:951 (6) - when they're all representing the same thing. would go with only normal sampleset for these, but if you want to keep the bass stuff lower volume = good

01:21:678 (1) - should silence tail. stands out a lot when song is getting quiet like this
01:24:791 (5) - what is this 3/16 snapping repeat nonsesne

00:17:415 (1,1) - stack so off that things arent actually stacking ingame
00:17:415 (1,1,1,1,1,1) - 02:01:584 (1,2,3,1,2,1) - should silence tails for pretty much same reason as toybot. the sound on tail actually stands out more than impacts on heads because song isnt loud enough (which makes interpreting when to click a pain)
01:03:848 (1,2) - hitsounding like 01:06:112 (1,2) - sounds more appropriate. sounds pretty gross to use that bass hitsound on 1's tail when in the song, the white tick has a bass noise lol
01:08:376 (1,2) - 01:09:508 (1,2) - shouldn't vary as much hitsounding wise since song issame
01:17:150 (9) - tail snapping? a mistake im guessing
01:42:834 (4) - song doesnt really support blue tick emphasis here:( rest of map doesnt do anything like this either, so you'd probably be better off with something prioritizing white like 01:43:400 (8,1) -
02:08:022 (4) - another missnapped tail. not sure why it's a slider at all though, since like white tick moer important

00:54:490 (1) - holding for more than 1/2 a beat seems more in line with what song is doing (and more supported by your baby spacing)

01:26:205 (1) - 02:10:639 (1) - snap
01:12:621 (1) - 01:39:790 (4) - comboing should be same since everything about them is same

01:28:753 (1,2,3) - should prioritize 1/3 since red ticks arent prioritized at all. rhythm in hobbes's diff would be okay, or http://puu.sh/xNHV3/32c7604ea8.jpg if you prefer to keep long sliders

02:02:150 (2) - are u trying to screw people up lol. should go with same spacing as other 1/3, or if you're trying to do somethign special, make spacing bewteen 02:02:150 (2,3,1) - clearer since different rhythms are visually the same right now

pls extend 00:54:490 (1) - on my diff until next blue tick (00:54:702 - )

fixed top extended the thing for lasse fixed adv and fixed regraz
Please donot rank this until 2018 so its not picked for OWC Thank You!
thank u pishi the fat https://0paste.com/15827.txt
i think its 1/4 ?? not rly sure

fieryrage wrote:

Please donot rank this until 2018 so its not picked for OWC Thank You!
rip u
addressed everything, thanks http://puu.sh/xO94A/4285be0fa5.osu
some sloppy errors
d ddd d d dd d d
gg no re
Oooo finally! Good job everyone~
cool, gj guys
[Lasse's Insane]

01:25:357 (1,1,1) - doesnt this look a bit more confusing than really nessecary?


00:40:905 (8,1) - is that really intended ?
no idea what's supposed to be confusing there except maybe allowing to mistake 01:25:923 - for 1/2, but due to slider leniency and movement after that's fine anyways
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