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Osu! Masive Beatmap Downloader

Download Massively Beatmaps for the Osu! Game, using Filters for better Searching, using various servers.

This program will be able to massively download large amounts of songs using highly personalized search filters, using different download servers alternatively in case of connection failure, and skip song in case of a problem more than 3 times.

There are several programs of these characteristics around the community, but this particular offers in addition to the usual search term in them, different modes and game status, there is the possibility of applying an advanced filter such as.

Be able to select by range of variables:

* AR
* CS
* HP
* Time (sg)
* OD

And also:

* Date by month and year! (Exaple: if you select Nov-Nov on 2016, will download the BM from November-01 to November-30)

If the beatmap contains one of these characteristics in some difficulty then it will be downloaded.

In addition the program can recognize which beatmaps you have available and only download the ones you do not have.

It contains statistics to keep track of what you download as download speed, etc.


https://github.com/GarciaMiguelangel/Os ... r/releases
Release Content:
- Osu! Masive Beatmap Downloader.jar (Stable)
- Osu! Masive Beatmap Downloader.exe (For practical use and beauty icon (?))
Works in 32bits-64bits, still requires Java to run.

Need Java 1.7 or higher!


Also for educational purposes and improvements I uploaded the project to Github with the License GPLv3.
https://github.com/GarciaMiguelangel/Os ... Downloader
humm , VirusTotal tell a backdoor , so , be warm
https://www.virustotal.com/fr/file/d353 ... 481998227/
Iif you have any issue just use the stable version .jar actually .class inside the program are not obfuscated and can be seen with JavaGui decrypt easily :D
New big change to the Program, I added more Filter Using the Osu API!

Images below


how can i have the API key please?

Akalys wrote:

how can i have the API key please?
The API key is generated by your self in this link. https://osu.ppy.sh/p/api
+vote , this is a good guy.
I'm getting the famous java.lang.NullPointerException, how can I solve that?
EDIT: Now, the error is not showing up, but it won't download anything. It just keeps analysing the pages.
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