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OscilloSCAPE: Proxy is a simplified, less-flashy version of OscilloSCAPE, my futuristic hyperdecorative skin. While that looks really refreshing to watch, it's admittedly a pain to play on...hence, Proxy was created.
Its design was simplified, though keeping the 45° rotated squares and shades of blue. Its sounds were also simplified, the combo bursts completely disabled and the combo break sound less alarming. The hitsounds, though you may not hear the difference, were remastered to make them layered on each other, so that it may work better with multiple embellishments and map-level hitsounds (if you use them).


The year is 2560. Sharp advancement in physics made it possible to extract energy from oscillations of gas, and convert it ultra-efficiently into electricity. This technology has made interplanetary travel possible, albeit with many years of training. A mech suit was invented to harness the sound waves' power and let human beings fly between planets. It lets a Pilot control its parts symbiotically, via a pilot suit. This mech suit is called the “Oscillating Space Unit”, abbreviated “osu!”.

The energy is so massive that a special unit of energy was defined: the picoprana, written as “pp”. 1 prana is the energy required to create a new universe, or destroy our very universe. 1 picoprana is 10⁻¹² times that. 50 picopranas are more than enough to fly from the Earth to Neptune when they are the farthest apart. The prana is so massive that even the top Pilots have not gathered a nanoprana (= 1000 picopranas) from a single song.

You are the newest recruit chosen by the largest Pilot training agency on Planet Earth, called OscilloSCAPE. Now is your time to sharpen your sense of sound, and ride the rhythm through space!
OscilloSCAPE: Proxy is 100% original. Nothing is stolen from another skin (except for my own).


Download .osk from MediaFire

WARNING: It is forbidden to publish any mix skin containing elements from this skin. No exceptions.

Also check out OscilloSCAPE Classic
wow other epic skin base from OscilloScape original o.o)/
i'll try this skin later ^^)b
Btw idk if it was intentional but your mediafire .osk is not proxy, it's the classic skin at 7izp.

Please fix this for selection-mod-target.png :D

Approachcircle is much too thick, so much overview can be lost. So, my optinion. :o
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lilelf29 wrote:

Btw idk if it was intentional but your mediafire .osk is not proxy, it's the classic skin at 7izp.
The download link is fixed. Also, I will never skin Target Practice.

Fatal3ty wrote:

Please fix this for selection-mod-target.png :D
it's OPTIONAL, that's why he went:

JapanYoshiTheGamer wrote:

I will never skin Target Practice.
nice skin, much better than the other one. What font did you use for the 'energy tank' on the hp bar?
Nice skin, I really like how it makes mania look
What about ctb gameplay?
I really enjoy it :D
This is my Absolute favorite skin! :) Thank you for making it!
lol this skins is trash you can't read anything because the circles show up much later than the followpoints and it's very desinchronized
Nene thammajak

I think

Osu!mania mode is slightly hard to look. Can you make it look easier because the note is the same color as the background.

[img:1337][/img:1337] I don't know how to use this.
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