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Tags are important, they sometimes make maps popular or keep them popular, sometimes they just help people when they can't remember the exact name of the artist or the title and they type in random stuff hoping for the best. So, tags are quite an important thing, yet, there are a few things that appear more useful and some thing thatI personally consider useless based on my modding experience.

What should be in the tags

  • Literally anything related to the song and isn't already listed in the artist/title/source. Preferable/most common options are:

  1. Album name. Hey, this is pretty obvious, people often look for specfic albums, so it should help out a lot.
  2. Subgenres. Don't use something like Rock or Pop, these will be added by QATs once a song is qualified/ranked. List something more specific, for example Hardtrance, Electropop or Vaporwave! Usually you can find these tags in artists' or soundcloud profiles.
  3. Guest mappers. Give some credit to your guest mappers. As long as they contribute to the set by actually creating a difficulty or collaborating with you, they should be mentioned! You also might want to list those who storyboard sets or even credit the person who does the hitsounding!
  4. Alternative metadata.
    • To be more specific:
    1. Is there an alternative romanization or an English translation for the source/title? Be sure to list them in the tags!
    2. You can also add such tags as "opening 2" or "op2" if youe song comes from some series/anime
    3. Is the mp3 altered? Use Short/full/cut version to let us know and navigate our music libraries quicker!
  5. Leading instruments. Got some of those amazing piano tunes? Be sure to add the "piano" tag! Same applies for any other instrument as long as it clearly stands out.

What shouldn't be in the tags

  • Don't use things irrelevant to the song, we don't bait people into downloading maps!

  1. People who encoded video/mp3 or modded your map. A simple kudosu is more than enough in these cases!
  2. BG-related tags. These are straight up no-go. "Cute anime girl" or "art photography nature" are very unlikely to be relevant to the song.
  3. Duplications. If something is already listed in source/artist/title you don't need to duplicate that.
  4. Irrelevant tags. Stuff like "RSI" or "best waifu" is very unlikely to help anyone find the song you map. You can, however, use stuff like "marathon" or "deathstream" in case your map represents those.

Generally, you should go for anything that helps people identify and find the song. Sometimes it could a certain catchy line of the lyrics, sometimes it's the genre. Just look up the artist's page and see what would help you to find this very song in the shortest time possible! There are actually no right or wrong tags, as long as you don't abuse it and add irrelevant things!

A credit goes out to Kagetsu for helping out with this post.
always add anime to tags

handsome wrote:

always add anime to tags
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