Powerless feat. Sennzai - Unrequited

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please don't break this map like the last vinxis diff
im gonna sb pro box and sings map b4 i get to this one thx for understanding
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haha me 2 Lol
Loved playing the map, has a great epic feel about it. A couple things felt just a bit off and thought the map deserved the attention. Take the mod with a grain of salt because I haven't really modded or mapped before :oops:
2016-12-09 03:19 Bladma: Hey I just played through your's and rlc's unrequited [powerless], it feels really epic and awesome but there were two small things that kinda bothered me as i played it, would you care to hear them at all?
2016-12-09 03:19 VINXIS: Sur
2016-12-09 03:22 Bladma: 00:19:015 (1,2,3,1,2,3) - the 3's here really through me off, i get that your trying to smooth out the tapping but there the 3's dont have a strong sound to really justify a circle
2016-12-09 03:22 VINXIS: haha dats rlc
2016-12-09 03:22 Bladma: o ;_;
2016-12-09 03:23 Bladma: what about
2016-12-09 03:23 Bladma: 03:06:034 (1,2,1) - is this you are rlc?
2016-12-09 03:23 VINXIS: end of my prt
2016-12-09 03:24 Bladma: ok so about that, right before there you played the faster piano keys with 03:05:169 (1) - and yet the part i linked before you decide to play the drums
2016-12-09 03:25 Bladma: felt to me like ignoring that piano the second time wasnt worth playing the drums that didnt change, felt slightly inconsistent
2016-12-09 03:26 VINXIS: wel
2016-12-09 03:26 VINXIS: the piano is just 1/2
2016-12-09 03:27 VINXIS: so since the piano and drums wer both 1/2 over there i was lik lo ill accentuate patterns wit jumpz Xd
2016-12-09 03:28 Bladma: 03:06:034 (1,2,1) - this is 1/3
2016-12-09 03:28 VINXIS: O
2016-12-09 03:28 Bladma: ye
2016-12-09 03:30 VINXIS: OKchanged
2016-12-09 03:30 VINXIS: post in thred for kudosU
2016-12-09 03:30 Bladma: nah im gud thanks
2016-12-09 03:30 VINXIS: it helps both of us tho -_
2016-12-09 03:30 VINXIS: 1 kd = 1 sp
2016-12-09 03:30 VINXIS: boosT
2016-12-09 03:31 Bladma: but i got that op zero post count
2016-12-09 03:31 VINXIS: L
2016-12-09 03:31 VINXIS: shiet
2016-12-09 03:31 Bladma: it just felt weird so i mentioned it
2016-12-09 03:31 VINXIS: ok wel i changed tht to a slider
2016-12-09 03:31 VINXIS: 1/3
2016-12-09 03:32 Bladma: <3 well as this might well be the last time i talk to you imma add that your divinity is amazing and thanks for no title pp
2016-12-09 03:33 VINXIS: dIVINITY fuk
2016-12-09 03:33 VINXIS: thank tho
2016-12-09 03:41 Bladma: after i talk to rlc sometime ill post for that sweet sweet kdz
2016-12-09 03:42 Bladma: song2good not to support
2016-12-09 03:42 VINXIS: oklo

00:19:303 (3,3) - The circles here don't land on a sound strong enough to deserve circles at all. The only sound there is the muting of the guitar stroke from the previous circle. You could change the 2's before them into kick sliders or <1 sv sliders I guess if you really want to play that sound. Although the tapping is less smooth, after deleting them the gameplay as a whole felt much smoother for me and intensified the guitar and drum jumps of 00:19:880 (1,2,1,2,1,2) -

00:28:823 (2) - Really minor because this jump felt pretty smooth and the stack with the previous 3 looks nice, but it felt slightly out of place with all the anti-jumps representing the same time gap. Less the 2 to 3 jump because it's much larger than most of the normal 1/2 jumps but the 1 to 2 jump. I would suggest stacking 1 and 2 but that would cause the same inconsistency between the 2 to 3. Maybe one of these placements instead but idk I'm really inexperienced
In a line similar to 00:54:496 (3,4,5) - (Although it is a slightly less intense part):

At the end of the slider:

00:46:996 (3) - The only sound here is that small 1/1 hi-hat, it having a full circle even though there isn't really a strong enough sound like a drum throws me off while playing. Deleting it creates the same inconsistency between 00:46:851 (2,4) - that I mentioned right before, but you can stack the 4 onto the 2 and counter the inconsistency that would be created between 00:47:140 (4,5) - by adding a new combo on 5 and removing the new combo from the 1 after. It would look like this, with the currently time would be the current 00:46:707 (1,2,3,4,5,1) -

Also really nit picky but 02:09:207 (2) - doesn't start descending when the violin does, but a bit before. I think it's on the 5/8 yellow tick between the red and second blue of the first beat but I'm not sure.

Sorry I can't really help with things that have more impact, but hopefully this helps with something. Don't have the knowledge to judge quality, but I can say this is fun as hell :)

rip 3 year 0 post count
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applying for rlc cuz hes a degen

00:28:823 (2) - i think its fine as it is for now but if mor ppl r guna get qwerty8rtfiji4t6hg on it then i can change it i guess lol,,

00:46:996 (3) -this is fine cuz even tho the instruments at each note r completely different, for the sake of having the kicks and snares be mapped as circlez, a circle at wher the hihat is placed so the playability and flow isnt disrupted.. sure u cud put a slider instead but placing a circle is much better imo in terms of just flowing and for the sake of JUMPZ Xd

02:09:207 (2) -yEA im lazy as fuk
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delete this map

Storyboarder wrote:

im gonna sb pro box and sings map b4 i get to this one thx for understanding
how to hitsound, by rlc:

hello my name is vinxis and i will sex thhe map scene in 2017
donut left me hanging
the top diff starts off as garbage but then it turns good but switches back to garbage every 15 seconds? why map so inconsistently? no kds
I'm in deep love.
Remember to add Sennzai in the title, she's the singer after all~
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