OMW 2017 (#6 edition) | 1v1 | 8k-25k <SEMIFINALS>

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Confirmed registrations || :!:RULES :!: || mappools || schedule || Challonge/brackets || 1 livestram 2 livestream 3 livestream || prev OMW tour (old one)

:!: Hello and welcome to 2017 edition of OMW tournament :!:

This time we gonna with following type of matches:
:arrow: osu! standard (ofc)
:arrow: score v1
:arrow: 1v1 with gorup stages, next single elimination (yep, this time without looser bracket)
:arrow: ranking criteria: 8k-25k when we started first match (we don't care about your rank during next rounds)
:arrow: rank seeding included

:idea:START: 7th JANUARY :idea:

:arrow::arrow:PLEASE READ RULES AND SECOND POST, some rules may be other than classic tours and on second post we putting new informations about tour
:arrow: every important links you have under the tour picture
:arrow: Tournament is designed for players of 8k-25k rank. (you can go up or down to when we started with first matches - HOWEVER, 1 position more before and disqualification with no chance to back)
:arrow: Cheaters, smurfs (70/80% full topranks playsments included) and offline accounts are strictly prohibited! We already end with hates again about this players
:arrow: This a Single Elimination bracket (+group stage), with rank seeds will be present.
:arrow: WE PLAYED WITH FULL MAPPOLS (no mod, hr, hd, free mod, dt, tie-breaker)
:arrow: matches be played on weekends, about an 9:00am - 9:00pm UTC time (+0)
:arrow: refrees can play in tours if haven't any other assigned tasks


:arrow: tournament admins: przepson
:arrow: general admins: mjozog3, Recu, HiPat
:arrow: mappool selectors (I will put info's who choose every map for mappools): DevilGodPL, mjozog3, przepson, best picks from 2k-5k players from special multi room for tour mappools
:arrow: refrees: przepson, HiPat, mjozog3, Recu, AlexDark69, Kajcio, NotSuhun, raikiri311, OskaRRRitoS, [-KuleK-]
:arrow: streamers: Recu, HiPat, mjozog3, raikiri311
:arrow: commentators: Recu, przepson, raikiri311, mjozog3, HiPat

If you want to join the team, please write pm to me

1st place - 2 months supporter and signature
2nd place - 1 month supporter and signature
3rd place - signature
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:arrow: I'll put rules today, and we gonna editing "confirmed registrations" once a week
:arrow: rules fixed

:arrow: I'llback tomorrow to home, then will be update

:arrow: CONFIRMED REGISTRATION UPDATE (I also added second category "Not added" with reasons who didn't confirmed to tour
:arrow: Registration closed

:arrow: "confirmed registrations" added with new informations
:arrow: GROUP-STAGE MAPPOOL ADDED (pack soon)
:arrow: schedule and all other important informations will be added after new year

:arrow: mini-changes in "confirmed registrations"
:arrow: BRACKET RELASED (thx for "random pick name" tool)
:arrow: Schedule added (about this "round 1, round 2 etc. - it means all matches on the same category (2 matches) in challonge)
:arrow: info about prizes - if we didn't get prizes from staff, then i will pay for the prizes (then don't worry guys :) )
:arrow: You can finaly goes rank up higgher than 8k

:arrow: prizes added
:arrow: 2nd mappool added
:arrow: challonge play-offs started

:arrow: Schedule update

:arrow: First livestream link added (second link tomorrow)

:arrow: quaterfinals mappool and chedule added
:arrow: we're gonna change prizes due of hospitalization one of "sponsors"
:arrow: all 3 links to streams active

:arrow: Semifinals mappool added
:arrow: Semifinals and Grand-Finals Schedule added (on the same page)
:arrow: New prizes will be added tomorrow

:arrow: New prizes added
:arrow: mappack semifinals added
Ready to rumble ;)
Back to the gold days
Already the 6th edition? god that was fast
wanna play here, first time :D
Count me in. Just waiting for confirmed time schedule and i'll confirm whether i can play or not!

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News in 2nd post

I must explain one thing when i read some answers about "when you can't play "
On this question i mean a hours not a days.
Sorry but we can't organize from some peoples matches only on sundays ;/
That's why i'll put theese players to "NOT YET registered category"
If something gonna change about your times - please write to me on priv in forum

i get 4 questions about one word

Sorry, but my old cancer pc have problems with this one damn discord (random auto-shutting down...)
That's why we didn't make discord channel :<
No confirmed registrations yet? (or for some reason I can't see...)
When will we be able to know if we've been entered
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Suzy- wrote:

No confirmed registrations yet? (or for some reason I can't see...)
When will we be able to know if we've been entered
Actually yes - one week away from home
Back tomorrow (toda now - 1am here xd) and I add this one
Yiren do you get confirmed after you registered?
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Tendhix wrote: do you get confirmed after you registered?
All be on site "confirmed registrations"
If you didn't get confirmed, i added reasons for every players too
I just wanted to say thanks for quickly replying to my time issue! :)
If this still applies, I would like to register as well! :)
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Because all my general problems solved, and finaly my friend refresh participans, i can add little more important update


edit: About last final update I'll inform all of you with private messages
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We add all other important informations without stream (site in working) cause we don't stream group stage
Reason: too many matches in the same time

I will inform all of you with private messages about complete informations.

Now only i can say is...
GOOD LUCK :):):)
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Interesting update for you guys ;)
I will add schedule tomorrow cuz i'm back to home very late and haven'r energy to anything...
but still - promise holy thing, that's why i say "damn you brain" and add it for you

Enjoy ^^
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