Coeur de pirate - From a Flock of Crows [Osu|CatchTheBeat]

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Updated the hitsound stuff, thanks for rechecking Sinnoh

Absolute Zero wrote:

Discussed in discord: -10 offset— might be better to change to 00:02:058 instead to start on an actual beat.

[MBomb’s Salad]
I dislike the difference of the densities between the cup and salad. I’m hoping you at least consider lowering the density in the salad.
00:08:265 (1,2) - Make this a 1/1 slider to pattern similarly with 00:04:127 (1,2,3). - The first one sounds more held than the second, so a 1/2 slider makes more sense here to me.
00:14:214 (4) - Remove hitcircle here. I don’t hear a note here. - There's a very clear 1/2 sound throughout the song which has been followed, it sounds strange to not follow it here.
00:17:058 (2,3) - Make this a 1/1 slider—I don’t hear anything to justify the ends of these sliders. - There's a constant 1/2 rhythm here, as with the rest of this song.
00:18:610 (1,2) - The lack of movement here confuses me because the music has reached its climax. I would at least flip (2) to have the player not confined to the length of a 1/2 slider. - The movement here is stronger, it's only confined in placement, and this antiflow is used to help enforce the strength in music increasing by using a more difficult pattern here.
00:22:490 (5) - Remove this note. I don’t hear anything here. - Part of the constant 1/2 rhythm.
00:29:990 (3,4) - Distancing here abruptly lowers—I would increase distancing here to make the movement - To make the movement what? :^) Nah I understand though, increased slightly.
00:44:472 (3,4,5) - Make this a 1/1 slider starting on 00:44:472, since 00:44:731 and 00:45:248 (5). - Again, the main sound is less heard here, making the background sounds stand out more, hence why this is mapped this way.
00:49:645 (1,2,3) - This pattern feels like it doesn’t follow the music as closely as it could. I’ve given a solution below. - This would mean stopping following the rhythm I've been following throughout the song, I don't really want to be inconsistent here.
Thanks for the mod!

@Celerih: Move 00:29:990 (3) - to x:288 for me.
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Updated the change on 00:29:990 (3) -
Absolute Zero


Gabe wrote:

congrats now~
Nao Tomori
changed some stuff
oh shit, this song <3
So happy to see my favourite modder finally get a map rnaked <3

gratz my friend 😂👌
DQ Mod


[Ultima Fox's Normal]
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osuskrub wrote:

DQ Mod

dhsjsjnjfdkaksd I do admit that it may appear random to many, yet I hesitate to change it. For two reasons:
(i) Objects in the part in question are not locked within their corresponding sets of distance snap, 00:36:575 (3,4) these two objects, for instance, whose distance, 3.47x, is two times of the previous one. For if 3.47x was acceptable for the mere sake of aesthetic, there is no reason whatsoever one would contradictorily argue that the distance between 00:42:729 (3,4), 3.94x, is illogical.
(ii) The increase in spacing could be argued that it is to get the players ready to be accustomed to the increase in pace in the upcoming part, lest the change be too sudden and rapid.

ddfkdkskqkemfldkdkff Frankly speaking, I initially had the same concern, I personally could read it, but I did not know if other players could read it, afterall, I mapped it so I knew it best. Therefore, I asked a few top players, whom ranked between #30 to #2000 to test play it, and the result was assuring yet surprising, that majority of them, could read that part at their first PC, and the rest of the players who failed to read it at their first PC, were able to play it swimmingly at their second PC. None of the invited players was completely unable to read it or needed to go onto the editor to read how the pattern plays. In light of this empirical evidence, I would confidently tell you that it is absolutely playable.
dJFJDJDKSKSMKDKDKDKSJSJJSJISIIEIEIIWIII The length of the reversed 1/2 slider is pretty short so players just hold the slider and move to the next one. Thus, this slider does not break the flow. It is not far either as it is 1.18x from the previous slider end ;w;. This part is corresponding to the intro part, so I think it is not a problem since the intro part is the same thing.
I will focus on other diffs but current compose is fine


[Ultima Fox's Normal]
a Subjectively speaking, the break is left here for the expressionism and the vibe. On one hand, The hitsound on this note is like an exploding sound which I want the players to experience the magnificence of it. On the other hand, this note is used as a transitioning note to the next relatively tranquil part and thus whatever gimmick patterns need to be avoided lest it gives a feeling of awkwardness to players that may ruin the tranquility. I would also argue that due to the fact that vocal is the only soundtrack in this section, any pattern that follows the vocal would be absurd as if I were to follow the vocal, a triplet would be mapped and that violates the quietness of this section.

a The readability on this particular reversed-slider stream is high due to the next reversed slider appears straight after hitting the first and players can by that know they are meant to hit the sliders as a stream instead of holding the first one. Empirically speaking, many of the top testers I have sought successfully read this part with some of whom FCed it effortlessly.
No change my style
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Helpful suggestions and constructive criticism are of course, still welcome.
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