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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +3
Made a thorough search for both or any possible queries involving both requests, nothing was found.

Soooo.... here they are.

Request 1 : Make osu! auto-switch to the Taiko hit-sounds when mapping Taiko-specific maps.

^ Self-explanatory. Basically, say you currently applied the default osu! skin (or any other not-a-taiko skin) in the options >> skins menu in the game. When you go onto edit mode, the song you will be mapping will be mapped with the current universally-applied skin. Mapping taiko-only maps using non-taiko skins are pointless and will be different (in a bad way) than mapping with the taiko skin.

What I think should be available as a feature is that if the taiko skin is available on the user's machine, the moment you make a map a taiko-only-mode map and click OK to close the Song Setup window, osu! will automatically switch the hit-sounds you hear to the ones used in the Taiko skin (i.e. don/ka), to provide the mapper an instantaneous access in mapping Taiko maps properly. If the taiko skin folder is not available on the machine, then instead use the hit-sounds with the new default taiko hit-sounds, as seen in the default osu! skin.

This will be much more convenient for Taiko mappers such as myself, who use non-taiko skins as the game skin for osu!-Standard/CTB mode, but have the "Use Taiko skin for Taiko mode" option enabled. It saves a convenient portion of time.

Request 2 : Design/Storyboard Feature Request: Show/Hide Taiko Bar image while designing storyboards for maps.

Yes, this is a design toggle feature; peppy, please don't smack me with a baseball bat. Because my younger brother is vicious and will bite your arm off at will.... I think.

So this one may need more explaining I suppose. I am one who storyboards a lot of my maps these days, both Taiko-only and osu! maps. For Taiko maps however, placing storyboard elements will require more care since there is the Taiko Bar skin elements (you know, the one that looks like this and so forth) that will be shown when actually playing the map. If you put storyboard elements in the middle of the edit window, then test out the map, odds are you won't or will hardly see it because of the Taiko Bar skin elements and the scrolling taiko notes.

It would be really convenient if there would be a way to see the Taiko Bar skin elements in the Design section of the Editor mode when storyboarding Taiko maps; that way, the mapper will be able to see where to and where to NOT place storyboard elements if to wanting to see the storyboard properly when playing the actual map. Saying this, the taiko bar elements will be placed on the centre of the editing square, or wherever it would exactly replicate the placement of the taiko bar skin elements during map play.

The taiko bar skin elements can be rendered from the taiko skin folder as source. If said skin folder is not available or if the images are not, just use the default ones applied onto Taiko-mode play.

Thanks for taking the time reading my requests. If you have any comments, please reply. Oh and leave poll votes (I believe I set this thing to allow you to vote twice since I set up 2 requests). Because star priority voting for feature requests is seriously silly.

Edit 1: Fixed some stuff with the first request, I only meant to switch the hit-sounds to the Taiko ones, not the entire skin; my bad.
Edit 2: Forgot to post what I edited.
I can't really tell what your asking for in either...

For the first one, from what I can tell, you're asking to switch to the taiko skin, saying that it will help because it makes no sense to use the other skin from the song, well... skins really don't matter much AT ALL when mapping taiko so... it's as unnecessary on its own.

For the second one... eh, I can understand that.
You got the second one right.

For the first one, I'm talking about changing the hit-sounds of the normal/whistle/clap sounds to don (normal)/ka (whistle, clap) sounds when selecting a map to be played only in Taiko mode, so you will be able to map the song using the same hitsounds you would hear when playing the map on Taiko mode, with Taiko skin. The switch of skin only occurs if the skin currently set to the game universally is non-Taiko.

Hope that clarifies anything.
Ahhh. Well, the way I map doesn't need that, but I guess it would help others a lot.
First request: Yes, but if it's only hitsound-wise, as in, only changing the hitsounds. I find very hard sometimes to mod taiko maps in the editor because sometimes the diff is mapped with normal set of hitsounds and their volume makes so hard to hear the song. I don't really see the need for using the taiko skin while mapping it xP

Second request: I kinda agree with this too, but I don't think this one is that necessary

Just my thoughts :)
..Woops, yea I didn't realize that I only meant to switch the hit-sounds. Fixed.
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