Stella's std modding queue~:3 (Closed)

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  1. Queue is open now, you can post your maps here. Only std.
  2. Queue will continue opening until tomorrow :3 (Maybe 10 hours later)
  3. When the queue close, I'll choose only 1 map to mod, which depends on the music and the quality of the map.
  4. Mutual friends can ignore all the rules below. Free to pm me if your maps need any mods.
  1. Too hard for me (Star diff >5.5 stars)
  2. Too long (Drain time >5.5 mins)
  3. Too many diffs (At most 1 Extra diff and 2 Insane diffs)
  4. Related to Anime/Galgame/Vocaloid
  5. A nice meme
  6. Write ^owo^ in your favourite colour so as to prove you have read the rules above (or you'll be ignored).

That's it~ Good luck :)
nyu -

2 insane diffs and 1 light insane.
also its related to a game and not to an animu.
so its fine.


1 insane and 1 extra (5.45*)
galgame/eroge ftw

i Think my map doesn't break any rule
Hi ^^ I'll try my luck :3
DTM9 Nowa
Choosing only one? ;^;

Gotta try mah luck anyway. Atleast it doesn't break any of your rules

Sank you~
Trying my luck, I guess.
2 insanes, 1 extra(below 5.5)
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