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3 Maps will be selected from posts each "week" based on my interest in the mapping/songIf I haven't made a post since your last post then edit that one instead of making a new one.If selected and you do not acknowledge my mod post (no changes to map required) within a month you will be blacklisted ~ please don't waste my time.I may offer additional mods beyond the 3 per "week" for M4M. If this is an option for you then mention it in your post.I will keep a backlog of maps I'm considering modding in the future if there are too many maps in any given "week". If your map makes it into this list take it as a sign that it hasn't been declined, not that it has been accepted.If I've made a new post since you requested a mod and your map hasn't made it onto my trello board consider it declined.My latest post in this thread will contain the most up to date information on my status so be sure to check that if you care.In order to be eligible for a mod you must include the current codeword and the next number in the random series that hasn't been posted yet (I generate these 50 at a time). This is to ensure you've actually read the rules. To find the code word click on the image above to access the trello board and then find the last comment on the story Acknowledgement of Modding Queue Rules in the backlog column. If you don't include the current codeword, I may choose to ignore your post.
If the last comment in the story is

and the last request used the number 435 then your post needs to include Lolis 688

[~What My Mods Will Consist Of~]
Mods for all of the 4*+ diffs that I am capable of playing/evaluating. I should be capable of playing most maps up to 6* and some in the 6-7* range depending on how stamina/speed intensive they are. If I've accepted your mod request it's because there are some diffs I think I can provide feedback on.2 replay files for each diff I choose to mod because sometimes these can be helpful beyond what is actually pointed out in the modTiming check for anything that only has a few timing points (let's say <10 as a general rule)Comments on patterns I feel don't flow well (note: awkward flow != bad flow)Comments on poor/inconsistent use of spacing ~ consistency with music, please no meme jumps or forced DS mappingComments on where I think musical interpretation could be improved (I don't really expect changes from these)Comments on aesthetics/blankets only when they really stick out to meComments on hitsounds only if something really sticks out to meFor any patterns I think should be changed I'll include screenshots of possible suggestions for the changeI won't mention anything metadata related

[~M4M Maps~]
  1. Clicking the header will take you to my mapping trello board. Anything with a yellow tag is eligible for M4M. If there is nothing with a yellow tag then I am currently not accepting M4M requests. Anything with an orange tag has GD slots open if you are interested. Links to the map threads are in the story descriptions. Rules mentioned at the top still apply for M4M unless mentioned otherwise.

[~Closing Remarks~]
  1. I'm currently a senior in computer science taking classes, working as a research assistant, participating in extracurricular activities, and job hunting on the side. My free time is reasonably valuable to me and there are going to be weeks where I'm simply too busy to keep up with this queue. The reason I've set a limit to 3 mods per week is because I intend to keep to a routine of doing one mod on each on fri/sat/sun. Due to minor health issues sticking to a strict routine may be a bit of a challenge for me so I ask that you be respectful of the fact that I have a lot going on in my life. Realistically each "week" will probably be longer than an actual week.
I appreciate how much you've put into your modding queue, and I'd love to be a first customer!!
Lolis 639, correct?
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Nuolong wrote:

Lolis 639, correct?
Yeah, thanks for reading the rules <3
NM request~

Thank You!

Lolis 703?
hi! :3

Lolis 861(?

mod req:

Hi there xd a NM request here, Its okay if you could just mod normal and free to be lazy on other diffs xd
Lolis 380? Ehhhh blacklist inc
Thanks xd

Lolis 713 (??
Hope you like this song.

Lolis 524
Lolis 364 right?
Hiii NM req please :)

Lolis 435

NM please!
Lolis 688

NM request,

DragonForce - Through the fire and flames
Drain time : 7:20
Difficulty : 6,02 stars
Map Type : Marathon
Map link :

LOLI - 713 I think ? meh
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So, uh, we mostly all got the memo on the codeword thing. I'll be a bit lenient this week on it I suppose since its the first week. The random number series is mostly to keep people from copy pasting the codeword off other people's post tbh.

@Nueolong: Accepted

@-Takoyaki: Declined - Memes make me sad nty. You're welcome to come back with a different map sometime and try again.

@missa1912: Pending - Added to backlog

@Janpai: Declined - I only intend to mod the 4*+ diffs so if you are mostly just looking for attention for the normal diff then you're probably better off having someone else mod. You're welcome to come back with a different map sometime and try again.

@xNyamx: Pending - Added to backlog ~ what happened to the other 3 minutes of mocha's map? poor thing :?:?:?

@cmn_891127: Accepted

@RevengeZ: Declined - I don't think I can provide much of a mod considering the difficulty of the map sorry. You're welcome to come back with a different map sometime and try again.

@loke700 - Pending - Added to backlog

@Bara-: Accepted

@Ponoyoshi: Pending - Added to backlog ~ The correct codeword should have been Lolis 227 but I'll let it slide because I'm feeling generous.

Trello board should be up to date with this post.

Current status(10/24): Exams have put me a bit behind but I want to try to be caught up within the next couple of days if possible. Will probably just do 2 1.5 week periods as a result to help me catch up while focusing on RL stuff. I want to make sure everyone that's accepted gets a quality mod and not something that's hastily tossed together so please bear with me on the delay.

Current status(11/1): In retrospect I should have waited until December to open this as the idea that I had time for it was based off the idea I wouldn't be sleeping an extra ~12 hours over the weekend. Anyways, the tl;dr is that I will be at least clearing out the backlog as I have time and I will probably reopen sometime in December when classes end.

Current status(12/11): Might be reopening for m4m on the 17th and reopening for NM after Christmas. Will be finished with classwork within a week and after that all I have is a single exam and some work at the lab during the day.
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Reopening but only for M4M at the moment. If you are interested the maps eligible for M4M atm:

Make sure you get confirmation from me that I've accepted the M4M if you want to make sure you get your mod. I'll probably check back here around Wednesday or Thursday and look over the requests. My last final is on Tuesday night and then I have like a quiz thing on Wednesday but after that I'm more or less clear until the start of next semester.

Other stuff:

Will probably be reopening NM after Christmas. If your map is currently in my backlog I plan to pick 3 maps from there for the first week after I reopen while request start trickling in again. I'll probably close again a week or two into the next semester unless I have a lot of unexpected free time.

If you are interested in doing a GD hard/normal for either of the two maps above let me know. I have every intention of ranking them eventually ~ I just really really hate mapping things under 4* and would love to avoid doing so if at all possible tbh.
I'll try for an M4M, :)
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Reopening for NM requests. This week I will be modding the two pending maps that were in my backlog and will pick next weeks NM maps from whatever gets posted here.

Reminder to read the rules if you don't want your post to be ignored. The codeword has been updated (hopefully everyone is still able to figure out how to get to it again).

Additionally, make sure to mention M4M in your post if that is an option for you. I will probably be open to accepting M4M's on top of the NM's on a case by case basis (aka: if we both agree to it).

Updates for this week:

chainpullz wrote:

@missa1912: Pending - Added to backlog Accepted

@xNyamx: Pending - Added to backlog ~ what happened to the other 3 minutes of mocha's map? poor thing :?:?:?Accepted

@loke700 - Pending - Added to backlog Dropped because map is now graved ~ if you still want a mod anyways let me know and I'll add you back to the backlog.

@Ponoyoshi: Pending - Added to backlog ~ The correct codeword should have been Lolis 227 but I'll let it slide because I'm feeling generous. Dropped because map is now bubbled ~ if you still want a mod anyways let me know and I'll add you back to the backlog.
NM Request :3
Lolis 524?
Nm request
Loli 364?

NM/M4M Req

Holidays 245

Hi NM request !

Lolis 814 I guess ?

Thanks in advance !
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