Dormir - Cosmos Pop[FIX]

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[deleted user]
this is my first beatmap 8-)

let enjoy~ :P

Artist : Dormir
level : Hard
Album : pop'n music FEVER
Hi there!

You did an awesome job with this beatmap, but there are some minor things you should change:

I think the correct offset for this one is 150, change it, set your divisor to 1/4 and resnap all the notes, you should also check that the notes are on it's correct place after that (I tried it and some changed places). You should also move the end of the sliders or use the "recalculate slider lenghts" because some of them have that nasty tick-at-the-end that makes you miss it even if you do it right.

And, another thing to keep in mind is, the 15:78 part has all the notes at the same distance but at different times, try to make a gap between those notes to make it more player-friendly.

That's all! Looking forward the fixed version to play it ranked. =D
DJ Tomoe
My favorite Dormir song x3.
Thanks!,I'll edit later with opinions about this.

PS:Your avatar.......does that mean キミに届け will be done next?
Dormir? What a bizzare name... It means "to sleep" in Portuguese... and Spanish...
You changed the timing, but didn't resnap the notes! I have attached a fixed version (there was also 1 slider which had a dodgy end). If you approve of it, we can get this thing ranked!

Download: Dormir - Cosmos Pop (KiRaTaTen) [Hard].osu
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[deleted user]
i approve it

thank you for fix version :lol:

ps.i can speak english just a litle :cry:
osz updated and ranked!
The half and whole beats have the same spacing between them... did anyone find this annoying?
I noticed it but didn't find it annoying enough not to rank. The patterns are repetitive enough its not causing any confusion in my mind, so I have no problem.
Found a dodgy slider tick in this one still. I've updated the .osz package and also the ranked .osu.

Great work on this map, the beat spacing takes getting used to, but that's OK because you've been consistent. Keep it up!

Echo49 wrote:

The half and whole beats have the same spacing between them... did anyone find this annoying?
I had to go into Edit mode to find out what the timing on those was meant to be because I kept failing. It just randomly transitions between different timing in the same combo. So, yes.

Great beatmap otherwise, though.
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