Sakai Kanako - Cheer! ~Makkana Kimochi~

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This beatmap was submitted manually on 25 ตุลาคม 2549

Artist: Sakai Kanako
Title: Cheer! ~Makkana Kimochi~
Source: REC (Anime-OP)
BPM: 200.2
Filesize: 4.3Mb
Play Time: 03:44

Download: Sakai Kanako - Cheer! ~Makkana Kimochi~
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Hi, this is my first Beatmap.
Enjoy with it and please comment. :lol:

PS. I don't sure about the file... Converted it 3 times, Easy-Normal-Hard, or converted only once?
This is an awesome beatmap! This is my new favorite now. I couldn't see any problems, but then again I'm not the best person to judge these kind of things.
Awesome use of the whistles, and the note placement is also really really good, though Hard feels more like Insane in my opinion. I really hope this gets ranked, I want to see someone beat Hard.
Nice beatmap you got here. Hard is really hard, but I'm sure eyup or Ivalset will go through it in no time. XD

By the way, yeah, if you have all three difficulties in the same folder, when you package it, it adds all the three to it.

Hitoshirenu Shourai
Wow, that was incredible! Awesome job! Perfect timing, very sensible beat placement... I'm ranking this!

Oh, BTW, in the easy version, the first actually break didn't have a break inserted, so I went ahead and put it there for ya. Kay? Kay. *ranks*
Great stuff. Hard looks like one of those "Hard" maps again.... oh man... :D
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New fixed beatmaps.

Edited song's difficulty.
Hmm, I guess we would have to do a reset of achieved scores if we were to update to the new version? I haven't checked it out yet, but just thought I'd mention this incase it goes forgotten. (uploaded somewhere random = too much effort to check).
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I don't know why can't add the attachments. :roll:

When I choose file and click "Add the file", I wait for an hour but it won't finish upload. (ADSL 1 MB)

EDIT: I knew it -*-

Could you check them and replace with this file ?

Download: Sakai Kanako - Cheer! ~Makkana Kimochi~ (DJPop) [Easy].osu

Download: Sakai Kanako - Cheer! ~Makkana Kimochi~ (DJPop) [Normal].osu

Download: Sakai Kanako - Cheer! ~Makkana Kimochi~ (DJPop) [Hard].osu
No shit! That's impossible :(
But anyway: THIS IS MASTERPIECE 10/10
awesome, where can i star?
This is what you call a "Historic Masterpiece".
I can't get enough of putting it in MP matches to make everyone ragequit.
woah the first DJPop
This is pretty cool history
Everything was so different back then
nice map.
I just love this map. I hope one day I can FC it. Mappers should do some maps like this nowadays.
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