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Hibike! Euphonium 2
Lostorage Incited WIXOSS: Such clean and detailed backgrounds from a JCStaff show that is not Railgun, amazing. They really stepped up the budget on Wixoss and made a much nicer looking arena and world. Sadly, I don't feel this story being as dark and ridiculous as the first, but we'll see.

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara. 2nd Season: I found this to be strangely more entertaining than s1, so I might watch some more.

Chi's Sweet Home (2016): It tries hard to be cute and fun with the full CG setup, but Chii comes off as a jerk half the time, hurting my enjoyment immensely.
Longriders!: We'll see how this turns out. I was expecting them to be in some sort of cycling club from the looks of the cover and opening alone not yet. I'll see how this pans out since it interests me.

Keijo!!!!!!!!: Get around the ecchi aspect of the show, which involves boots and butts and it's an enjoyable first episode IMO.
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku and Keijo - lmao
Shuumatsu no Izetta - Fuck brooms. Guns are the new shit cause America.. or Germany.
Hibike! Euphonium and Haikyuu!! - fuck yes sequels. Sequels are the only reason fall 2016 is bearable.

Not even going to bother listing the shows I dropped before the ten minute mark.

@Kyonko, The new Working is actually the original one.
ClassicaLoid: How much can Beethoven/Gintoki/Sugita Tomokazu carry a show? He and the randomness of certain parts of the show are the only thing keeping it alive, but the random musical humor was fun. However, the rest of the show was lackluster. Skimming the show each week might be worthwhile, but we'll see

3-gatsu no Lion: Yay, a silent boring male surrounded by too much angst, exactly what I want in my shows......... Dropped

Drifters: Decent action, but not a fan of the artstyle and way too reliant on knowledge of jp history.

Sengoku Choujuu Giga: Not funny low budget short.

Occultic;Nine: A very DRRR take on "scientifically" backed murders. Felt like a weird turn for the series, but something that might work.

Long Riders!: Surprised to see a moe show that has very little humor these days. And her addiction to bikes is unnatural for a person who seems to have never owned a bike before.

Stella no Mahou: One of Silver Link's low budget shows of the season. Animation took a heavy hit. And while some of the jokes fell through, a good chunk of the episode was quite entertaining. I'll probably stick around and watch it.

All Out!!: The unnatural heads popping through the fence looks way too unnatural and way too many stills for a sports series. I don't really know of any positive to say about this sports series, so another easy drop for this season.
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Kyonko Hizara
ClassicaLoid: Music puns hit me right in the feels. A lot of this first episode felt oddly disconnected and poorly put together, and gave me an uncomfortable anxious feeling just from how some of the scenes were. It has nothing to do with the design or colour, but the transitions, angles, and even some of the animation and pacing made my brain feel anxious.

3-gatsu no Lion: Something about their mouths bothers me... This series almost seems a bit too depressing for its theme, but I still feel like this could turn out to be a decent watch. The extreme happiness of the girls causes a weird imbalance despite them being an obvious light to balance out Rei's darkness. The protag is more than just a bit boring and uninteresting than I'd like.

Occultic;Nine: Another concept this season that could go in a direction of being interesting but also not working or being bad in the end.

Stella no Mahou: A less than good "feel good" series that is still decently amusing to watch.
Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari: I rarely understand the appeal of raising a child or taking over the family business. This show had both with nothing really special about each (the guy also had some really outdated udon making tools. You would use an automatically moving knife or a pasta maker to make consistent noodle sizes these days)
3-gatsu no Lion: I'll keep it simple: Shaft and Shinbo messed up something once again.

Bungou Stray Dogs: The first episode was actually surprisingly decent this time around, considering how annoying S1 was too me. The misplaced comedy is still there, and I very much suspect it'll slide down into the red territory once more when the comedy gets more focus again (which it inevitably will), but for now it is the okay time waster I wanted S1 to be.

Drifters: Speaking about an okay time waster with misplaced comedy, that applies to Drifters as well. I'm watching it with a friend to just laugh about the absurdity and gore it'll have, and in that regard episode 1 did just that. Not sure how it'll do in the long run, but it did enough to prevent the red for now.

Flip Flappers: My inner Gainax fan is very pleased with this. Seems to mostly keep its hand hidden for now, but the visuals more than just made up for it in the first episode. I'll hope they'll build on that and improve from here - if so, it will keep the green.

Haikyuu: It's Haikyuu. Nothing needs to be said at this point, because its quality is just so ridiculously consistent, and consistently high for that matter. As a reader of the manga I know how this season will go, and still look very much forward to it.

Hibike! Euphonium: Yeah, for now it's good. I did not love S1 as much as most folks did, but can still say I like it - and I got more of just that with the first episode. There'll inevitably be some heartbreak in the end should they go for the same ending as the novels, but for now I'll just enjoy all the Kumiko x Reina I can get.

Long Riders: I actually enjoyed this, and think it could improve throughout the season. I'll see how it goes.

Natsume Yuujinchou Go: See Haikyuu. Natsume Yuujinchou's quality was ridiculously consistent as well, and to me even higher than Haikyuu's. Getting another season after all those years is just a very nice treat, and this is already one of my two AotY candidates for 2016. Let's see whether Natsume or Rakugo will win in the end.

Ping Pong Girl: I was hoping to get something like Saki, just with Ping Pong. To be fair, it can still turn into it, especially as this was just one episode... but for now it fell flat.

WWW.Working: Sorry, I love the original Working cast too much, and as such the new guys (even if this actually came into existence BEFORE the previous Working) didn't really have any impact so far. Will still keep watching simply to see what they'll do with it.
Okusama ga Seitokaichou!+! Oh, yeaaahh. Bring the bewbs

WWW.Working!! As a fan of this Working franchise, I'm glad to see this kind of settings again. But for me the story felt very rushed and didn't give much time to make a meaningful relationship with the audience, which is the most important things on SoL anime. I can't say I hate it because it's still only my first impression

Hibike! Euphonium 2 Oh yeah, If you like the first season you're gonna like this too.

Keijo!!!!!!!! Lol, I never expect that I'll greened out this anime. Despite of all the fanservice (which isn't much, surprise surprise) that was a very enjoyable first episode, all the characters are likeable and those fighting scene is much better than i was expecting, let's see what this show will bring though

Long Riders! In a nutshell, this show is like Bakuon!! (show that I completely hate) with less sexual reference, no motors (bicycle instead of motorbike) and better character (which is subjective). I try 2 to 4 more episode to decide whether I'm going to drop it or not

I don't have time to watch any other show, but I probably will add several more first impression in the future
WWW.Working!!: I just didn't feel it was funny. Admittedly I might have gotten tired of Working since I didn't even finish s3, but a majority of the jokes fell through for me. (Also, how does someone get a prime number when they multiply 8 by an unknown single digit number)

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda: I don't understand Fujoshi jokes, so pretty much everything in this show went over my head.
Teekyuu 8
Okusama ga Seitokaichou!+!: I loved the manga version so far and I loved the first series, hoping this one will give me a 10/10~!
Bernard-jou iwaku
Drifters: Well, it's made by the same person who made Hellsing so there's that. I watched the OVA and read a little bit of the manga and the feeling I get from it is basically Hellsing without vampires so I'll see how the animation goes. Story is kind of generic and over done (Guy from the real world gets transported into a fantasy world) and the comedy doesn't seem to be translated well from it's manga form as it feels really out of place in anime form but I'll let it slide since I've been longing to watch something Hellsing-esque anyways.
Getsuyoubi no Tawawa : Mmh, Didn't expect that there's another show that I could pick for this show. It's a short one yet quite enjoyable. I love the girl (somewhat unique) art since I saw that on the manga. I REALLY hope the story won't be as depressing like the manga.
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Kyonko Hizara
Natsume Yuujinchou Go: It's Natsume, I've liked all of the other seasons, so I really don't feel like this is going to be much different from the others, but in a good way.

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari: Could you really even call this raising a child since the kid isn't a real child. Series of a similar genre with the child raising can produce some really light and "feel good" ones, but this didn't feel good at all.
Keijo!!!!: I didn't read up on anything about this anime so I had no idea what it was about when going in. I thought it was an anime about swimming when I saw the picture so I decided to check it out but I got something completely different. Kind of disappointed that I didn't get a swimming anime but I'll settle for this. I don't really care if the plot is shite or whatever, it has butts, it has alot of butt zoom-ins and I like butts, I'm a lover of butts, did I mention that I like butts?
Anyways, I like butts and the ecchi in the anime so far is the right type of ecchi. It doesn't drown you with random panty shots or erotic looking boobies; it doesn't randomly place ecchi moments to give the male viewers fan service and instead integrates the ecchi into the plot. Alot like Shokugeki no Souma in a sense. I generally don't like ecchi since they're so full of cliche but when it's used in a smart way, I don't mind.
Firis Mistlud
Girlish Number: While Chitose gives me a hit for her personality for this show, the plot is somehow boring, is more like i am trying to watch a child growing up, not pretty much major events happens, having some jobs.... little chit chat.... and then eating and drinking.... I know it's a slice of life anime but i only liked the protagonist's personality

Keijo!!!!!!!!: As far, This has been one of the most creative concept of sports i ever seen, although it's kinda like Girlish Number, which kinda like to watch the main protagonist improving, but at least it doesn't really bored me out tbh.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: I can't give a detailed description on that, maybe i should say that i really liked Nemurin in this show? Or Snow White doesn't give a fuck on anyone who did to her? idk. nevertheless, it's oddly satisfying

Stella no Mahou: The op and ed song, yes, but the plot, no, i almost want to give a red on this show, but what i only liked though is it's jokes and lolis, not pretty much impresses me

ViVid Strike!: Man, It's so satisfying to watch someone punching others, especially in ep4 when one scene is a bloody mess
Mahou shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: not a first impression, watched 12 eps, it is insanely amazing.
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