HOME MADE KAZOKU - Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~

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Hitoshirenu Shourai
Enjoy! =D

HOME MADE KAZOKU - Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~

Also, if this is a bit too hard, I can make an easy mode. o_o

EDIT: Removed spinners and replaced them with breaks.
EDIT2: Added a background.
I like the song, good choice! The patterns itself feel slightly.. off-beat, they don't feel "natural", but after a few tries, one gets used to them.

I guess you put the spinners in there so there'll be more competition as soon as it is ranked? :) I'd at least make the last spinner a bit shorter in time, though. Spinning my mouse for such a long time gave me cramps.
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Hitoshirenu Shourai
Re-uploaded, took out the spinners and replaced them with breaks.
Great note placement. Takes a bit of time to realise when to start on some of the sequences (which is a good thing). Perfect timing as always.

So in finding something to criticise, I look at the length of the song. Clocking in at 4:35 of constant play-time, and with 7 repeated choruses with (nearly) identical note patterns, I can't help but get bored by the end of the song. If it was up to me I would definitely cut out one verse and chorus section for something of this length.

Also it'd be nice to see a video or image in the background :D.
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Hitoshirenu Shourai
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
I don't see any problems, if it's ok for peppy to accept the lenght of the song, we can rank another great beatmap made from you.

For the difficulty, it isn't hard for me, the song flowed nicely and I missed only in 2 orange sliders that were around the middle of the song in my first attempt.

If you want to do a easier version, I'm not going to stop you.
I can live with it :p. Was just being overly picky.
Ok. Ranking right now.
Haven't played a better map yet :p

The soft sound set works perfect.
I love it! One section might have been slightly too long but definitely not a big deal. As Echo49 says, soft sounds work great with this song!


Good job on that Hidden SS, Saiko. >.>
this is the best 2007 map i've ever played, talk about ahead of its time
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