Takeharu Ishimoto - The Price of Freedom

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My 2nd beatmap ^^

Song is from Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core
Contains normal and hard difficulties
Roughly 1 and a half minutes in length (I edited the song to make it less repetitive)

I'm pretty sure I got the fundamentals (timing, etc) correct but let me know if I'm wrong and I'll fix it up ^^

Hope you enjoy it!
Hi, Elmo
I approve, well done. I enjoyed the sword shaped slider at the end.
Great beatmap, the notes go so nice through the song and I love beat spacing on beatmaps. Keep up the great job!

And now we are two... that means... rankings!

Nice to see you back Elmo! The beatmap is nice and short, and the hard version is challenging! Like tsu said, sword slider is 100% win :D

Hope to see more maps from you!
This song made me sad while playing the game. That was a really interesting end for a game that I've ever played. This is like the only FF game I own, lol.
really nice map. but the "easy version" it's not a 1 star beatmaps. i think 3 star will be proper. 8-)
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