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Thank you ^^
You posted on my mod queue an eternity ago.... sorry for the extended delay.

New combos are used a bit too often and haphazardly, try to have consistency.

None of the sliders seem to be symmetrical. What bothers me is that it looks like an attempt was made, so you end up with a whole bunch of kinda-symmetric-but-not-really sliders, which detract from the map. Check out the guide to delicious sliders to see how to fix this. Also, when you manage to get one pretty good slider, it'd be best to copy,paste, and rotate that for the same type of beat. That way the curve remains consistent. For instance, 00:45:043 (1,2,3,4) - ought all to be identical so the curves would be parallel.

00:25:355- The sliders before this get kinda boring in terms of hitsounds because it's just an endless stream of clap, clap, clap... consider using different hitsounds to spice it up. Also, it's kinda loud.
00:28:543 (1) - Not New combo
00:31:543 (1) - ^
00:34:543 (1) - ^
00:37:543 (5) - ^

00:35:293 (3,4,1) - Flow of movement feels weird.
02:06:043 (4) - directly stack this under (3)
02:39:043 (1,2,3,4) - Would be prettier arranged like:

03:06:043 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - Looks bad tilted in comparison w/ earlier combos.

03:39:043 (1,2,3,4) -
Ok this is weird. In editor, I see that the pattern is nice and ordered:
but then in test mode it becomes distorted:

And there's the same problem for notes after the break.

I'll edit in a mod for Hard and Lunatic sometime soon. For the while, keep on working on your map! Starred.
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Thank you
You taught me an important lesson
Sliders are better, but still not perfect. Some of the long slider shapes were quite nice, but a majority of the shorter ones were not.

00:27:793 (4) - 1 grid right for spacing
02:20:105 (7,8,9,10,11) - Found this pattern needlessly confusing, try making it more intuitive and moving it away from overlapping with where (6) was.
03:57:043 (1) - Silence the spins and end of this spinner. Also, a 10 second spinner is kinda long, think about some way of shortening it.

Though your sliders in general are imperfect, you use jumps very, very well here.

00:58:074 (6,8) - Get this in the center of the screen? Modify surrounding notes accordingly.
01:00:230 (4,5) - Make the end of these land on 3.
02:06:043 (1,2) - Caught my attention in particular, fix to be more circular/symmetric.
02:44:855-02:56:011: Same repetition of circling slider gets boring.
03:03:043- Place a beat here, and have the finish from (15) be on this instead?
03:57:043 (1) - See Hard note about the final spinner.

I think your timing of notes was very good in your choice of sliders and circles, (except for streams because I hate streams but that's just me), and though some of the sliders weren't pretty, a few were quite good. Continue working on this and your map will turn out great!
S o r d a
  1. BG 800x600 or 1024x768 better change or resize
  2. Delete osb
  3. Combo color 4 resembles combo color 3; please change it
  4. All diff use soft finish? Suggestion
  5. 01:03:043 - Preview point ?
  6. Forum Titel YU-MU (Full) lol change YU-MU

  1. 00:08:480 (1) - new combo
  2. 00:14:949 (8) - Spacing why next 0.81

  1. 00:45:043 (1) - 1gird right and down
  2. 00:45:418 (2) - 1grid down
  3. 01:00:043 (1) - end01:01:918 -
  4. 03:18:043 (1) - 03:19:918 - end


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S o r d a
Thank you ^^
Your offset in every difficulty varied (Normal=15043,Hard =3043,Lunatic =3043), that what your friend noticed. You should make the offset on all difficulty is the same offset (43). Moved all offset to this, you doesn't need resnapping as this offset is the same line as in all difficulty. Though it is recommended to double check the snapping on each notes. I will mod more on the contents later. Just make sure the offset are the same setting first.

The starting notes doesn't imply the starting of offset. It not necessarily offset will start at the beginning of the first note at all the time. Selee's timing is already there beforehand. Though I got 2ms later than him, I believe it wont affect much and making offset 45 mean your inherited time will be 2ms later on all difficulty.

I will mod your map later, I wanna see and play your Yu-Mu ver. ;)
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Thanks Ayeen :)
Komeiji Yuki
Kyonko Hizara
I love this song**
star :3
nice song, starred
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I have some important things to tell you.
Is ... I'm going to redo this Beatmap
If you can
I hope you can tell me which left the difficulty of doing good
I did this because I think that is not good enough beatmap
I feel strange when playing
So I intend to redo
Thank you all like this beatmap

nice song, starred
nice song, starred


so01go wrote:

nice song, starred
加油加油 ~~ :D
Edit: Don't give kudos to people who do nothing
請你別亂亂給 Kudosu.

Also, good luck. I know my map was pretty bad. XD
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