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Hello everyone. We've had a bit of a delay, but I'm happy to announce that results are finally ready to be released! It's been a wonderful learning experience for me and I'm very pleased to see the success of this mapping contest that managed to pull in 39 entries!
Much thanks to:
  1. My organizers: Chaos, Xenans, IAmKwaN
  2. The judges: Kibbleru, Okorin, Tess, HappyRocket88, Nozhomi, Fycho, Xinely
  3. Okorin (again) for his help with clarifying the judging criteria
  4. riktoi for providing a more accurate timing as the contest began
  5. Chaos (again) for providing all the supporter tags
  6. zenithlight for designing the profile badge and mapset banners

And finally, to everyone else who helped me make this contest the success it was. Thank you, everyone!


Without further ado, please welcome the MMC #1 champion: ProfessionalBox!
With a total score of 263 (average 37.57), Probox blew away the competition with a wider point lead than any other high-scoring entry, and received consistently high scores from all judges. Probox will win 6 months of supporter and a neato profile badge. Congratulations, Probox!

Coming in to the #2 spot: felys!
With a total score of 247 (average 35.29), felys will receive 4 months of supporter. Good work, felys!

And in the #3 spot: Seikatu!
With a total score of 241 (average 34.43), Seikatu will receive 2 months of supporter. Good work, Seikatu!

These three will also be included on a mapset that we will push for rank. I'll edit this post when the mapset is uploaded. In case anyone wants a refresher (or if any newcomers haven't seen it), this was the criteria that all contestants were scored upon.

Full Judging Results

(Wherever there are multiple links presented, the first is preferred. Only use the second if the first isn't working out for you.)

All of the following are sorted by each entry's map ID. These are listed alongside the contestant in the complete .osz below, as well as in the full ranked list. Note that both the entry numbers and judge letters were randomized prior to judging (and do not reflect the order in which the entries were submitted).

Here you can download the complete .osz with every entry: Dropbox // Google.

Here you can find the full standings, with total scores, averages, and standard deviations: Google
For those who may not be familiar with statistics, standard deviation essentially shows how close to the average each judge scored the entry. A higher standard deviation means the entry was 'controversial'; the judges did not all score the entry around the same values.

Here you can find the point values and statistics for each judged criterion for all entries: HTM // Google
These values are calculated from the data of all 7 judges.

Here you can find the individual scores and comments for each entry, by each judge: Google
The sheets on the bottom of the screen correspond to the contestants.
Note that, due to a conflict regarding access to Google services, judge B only has overall comments.

If you have any feedback regarding the contest, please do tell me, whether in this thread or in a PM - I'd love to hear it.
Congratulations to all who participated in this contest, and thanks again for everything!
ferret irl
wow this is rigged
so fucking
That's a funny way of spelling Side

Zexous wrote:

a bit of a delay
Anyways, that was a really fun contest, congrats to Probox, felys and Seikatu!
Professor Box!

gud jobbu~ congratz!

how about we dont do a DnB / wub map next time yeah?
Thank you to everyone for participating and for all of your support and patience. It was a bit of a wild ride but I'm glad to have been a part of it. A special congratulations to ProfessionalBox, felys, and Seikatu for their top placings! I will be gifting you all your supporter tags soon.

We'll hopefully see you all and more the next time with a new contest :)

Also, #blameZexous2016
haha don't try to fool us with these decoy results i saw through it all this is a fake

results coming soon tm
Congrokolations for everyone who participated! There were really nice entries out there and really good mapping styles. :3 What it did impress me was the unique approaches that the people had with this song! Astonishing! >w<

Despite it turned a hell pain after judging the 38th ;w;

I also would like to thank Zezous for all his hard job hosting such as a new contest and specially Chaos for being a really nice person and organizer. >w<
Congratulations to everyone! c:
imo the judging was well done and honest and the winners were well deserved! I really appreciated the work of both the organizers and the judges and I'm looking forward for another MMC in the future!
Gratz, was hard but nice experience as always <3
RIP top 3 the dream, 4th place LOL

Gratz to winners

Also pretty sure I know all the judges @_@

Zexous wrote:

Coming in to the #2 spot: felys!
With a total score of 247 (average 35.29), felys will receive 4 months of supporter. Good work, felys!
that's my boy, man

congrats to everyone btw
Congratulations ProBox~!! also to felys and Seikatu!
I forgot to say Zexous to delete my diff from this contest... omg.
ProBox, felys, and Seikatu have been given their supporter tags. Once again, congratulations!

I would also like to give a huge thank you to the judges who volunteered their time and effort into this contest. This would not have been possible without you all <3
gratz to all winners!

Rohit6 wrote:

gratz to all winners!

Leader wrote:

Zexous wrote:

Coming in to the #2 spot: felys!
With a total score of 247 (average 35.29), felys will receive 4 months of supporter. Good work, felys!
that's my boy, man

congrats to everyone btw
s-senapi >//////<
I knew it!

Gratz Boxxxx ! :3/ It's why I didn't join this time :^)
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