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What is your favorite pokemon game
Mine is pokemon firered and pokemon emerald
Pokémon HeartGold would be my all-time fave, probably because it was my first Pokémon game. It also has one of the best OSTs ever
Emerald and Black 2 probably, for me.
pokemon sucks

trust me, i've played enough of it to know

i still like crystal and HG/SS the most casually. emerald and platinum are right behind that. though i still enjoy gen 1 a lot because i know more about the games than 99.999% of people do.
Pokémon Go
Probably Pokemon Gold and Silver edition.
Old good times.
Gold silver and crystal are the best for me
I always wished that Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Firered maps could be mixed together.

That would be so sick
I am surprised that you guys don't consider the newer generations. For me at least Omega Ruby is my favorite, it used to be Sapphire but yeah. After all I prefer the new things like physical/special attacks and the choice of pokemon you have.
Definitely Pokemon Puzzle League.
Pokemon Snap was also great.
From the handheld-editions I find it difficult to favor specific ones. Probably Crystal? I really like the new combatsystem from Gen 4+5 but in terms of the amount of Pokemon it starts to become too much (and I despise the mega-evolution concept) and Crystal was superb with that multiregion-approach. That being said, I never got to play the remakes of the 2nd Gen so I might like those even more.
The more defensive metagame in the first 3 gens also appears more attractive to me when looking at competitive.
White 2 and HeartGold ~
I prefer HG/SS rather G/S/C because there is a better version of BGM of Route 201 than in D/P/Pt xD
Also the GB player in HG/SS is quite good as it contains some 8-bit BGM even if it didn't appear in gen-2 games.
I personally do not like OR/AS :/
Pokemon yellow is the only one I played
Crystal and Heart Gold/Soul Silver <3
I really like HG/SS, I really want a new Pokemon game with 2 regions. I really like those special events and the last battle is great.

I also like 5th generation games, their stories are fantastic to me.
Conquest and Black 2 / White 2 are my favorites, but considering I love pretty much all the games a ton that's not saying much
Pokémon Emerald. It was the first one I played and still go back to playing it. Gen 3 overall is my favorite, really. I still have the green cartridge (though no gameboy to play it on).
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Probably because that was my first. The funny thing is that I didn't even realize that there were games and I thought that it was just a TV show and when I saw Diamond on the store shelf for the first time I thought to myself, "Wait, they made Pokémon into a game?! I need it!!!" Replayed it last year and it brought back a lot of old memories.
Pokemon Silver!!!
My first and BEST pokemon game
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