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Should you buy a 3DS or not?

Yes, definitely!
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Mario 3D Land best times

W1-1: mm201 (43)
W1-2: mm201 (47)
W1-3: mm201 (47)
W1-4: mm201 (140)
W1-♜: mm201 (107)
W2-1: mm201 (33)
W2-2: mm201 (68)
W2-3: mm201 (54)
W2-4: mm201 (46)
W2-♜: mm201 (114)
W3-1: mm201 (52)
W3-2: mm201 (87)
W3-3: mm201 (74)
W3-4: mm201 (72)
W3-5: mm201 (92)
W3-♜: mm201 (128)
W4-1: mm201 (65)
W4-2: mm201 (63)
W4-3: mm201 (53)
W4-4: mm201 (95)
W4-5: mm201 (71)
W4-♜: mm201 (132)
W5-1: mm201 (152)
W5-2: mm201 (62)
W5-3: mm201 (139)
W5-4: mm201 (101)
W5-5: mm201 (167)
W5-♜: mm201 (118)
W6-1: mm201 (62)
W6-2: mm201 (146)
W6-3: mm201 (44)
W6-4: mm201 (64)
W6-5: mm201 (104)
W6-♜: mm201 (143)
W7-1: mm201 (6)
W7-2: mm201 (70)
W7-3: mm201 (63)
W7-4: mm201 (59)
W7-5: mm201 (98)
W7-♜: mm201 (157)
W8-1: mm201 (79)
W8-2: mm201 (113)
W8-3: mm201 (119)
W8-4: mm201 (188)
W8-5: mm201 (82)
W8-♜: mm201 (169)
W8-6: mm201 (116)
W8-final: mm201 (316)

S1-1: mm201 (32)
S1-2: mm201 (57)
S1-3: mm201 (55)
S1-4: mm201 (72)
S1-♜: mm201 (106)
S2-1: mm201 (118)
S2-2: mm201 (90)
S2-3: mm201 (167)
S2-4: mm201 (103)
S2-5: mm201 (87)
S2-♜: mm201 (157)
S3-1: mm201 (94)
S3-2: mm201 (73)
S3-3: mm201 (60)
S3-4: mm201 (74)
S3-5: mm201 (95)
S3-♜: mm201 (48)
S4-1: mm201 (179)
S4-2: mm201 (64)
S4-3: mm201 (106)
S4-4: mm201 (63)
S4-5: mm201 (79)
S4-♜: mm201 (176)
S5-1: mm201 (50)
S5-2: mm201 (64)
S5-3: mm201 (127)
S5-4: mm201 (109)
S5-5: mm201 (66)
S5-♜: mm201 (102)
S6-1: mm201 (29)
S6-2: mm201 (81)
S6-3: mm201 (77)
S6-4: mm201 (42)
S6-5: mm201 (142)
S6-♜: mm201 (92)
S7-1: mm201 (78)
S7-2: mm201 (78)
S7-3: mm201 (74)
S7-4: mm201 (85)
S7-5: mm201 (96)
S7-♜: mm201 (102)
W8-♛: mm201 (312)
W8-1: mm201 (48)
W8-2: mm201 (104)
W8-3: mm201 (94)
W8-4: mm201 (87)
W8-5: mm201 (66)
W8-♜: mm201 (164)
No. Unless Pokémon is coming out on it.
I tried the console out in a games store last week.The 3D works but to be honest at this point it doesn't seem that impressive for some reason, and the window in which it works is VERY specific. Wait and see what games come out.
Not on launch day. Much like the original DS, you should wait until more substantial and quality games come out.
Pretty much what Behonkiss said for me, or at least, I'm hanging on until the price comes down.
I buy it when I feel like buying it.
I'll be busy enough playing other games I haven't got through yet that I can probably wait till the 3DS 2 comes out.

psst, you should put an option for "Later" in the poll.
The 3d is the same idea as those holo-card type thingies so it would naturally be confined to a narrow angle.

Wait for actually good games to come out for it first.
I should but I'm not going to

Later. An upgrade model will come out, prices will drop, and there will be more, better-made, and better-at-exploiting-the-console's-potential games. Remember the first DS games, those that had minimal use for the touchscreen and might as well have used a single screen?
As everyone else has said, later is probably the best option. I got to play it a week ago, and the Nintendo rep told me that 3d gave a little more than 3 hours of battery life. That is a number that I probably don't want to worry about on a long road trip. so I rather wait till the battery is improved a bit in a second or third remake of the 3ds.
I heard that it destroys your eyes. Like, two hours of play on the 3DS is the equivalent to 24 on the i, lite, bah.
I'll probably get it over the summer after bills are taken care of and what not, once some other good games come out.

My DS has been broken for a while so I've been itching for a new nintendo handheld for a while.
It has a starfox on rails game

I don't care if it's Starfox 64 all over again, there hasn't been anything like Starfox 64 since Starfox 64
I was planning to buy one on my birthday, but after reading this thread, I'm not so sure anymore.

Edit: You can play regular DS games on it right?
I'm still busy playing my other games on my regular DS. I would much prefer to wait until later.

i herd it has low battery life
I'd rather wait for PSP2

MDuh wrote:

i herd it has low battery life
I'd rather wait for PSP2
I'm pretty sure the PSP2 will have a low battery life as well.

You should wait until the price drops and when there are more interesting games. Can't wait for the Super 3DSi XL.
Not impressed or fazed by the new design and functions. Let's be honest here, all you really need a handheld console for is to play games while most of the unnecessary rubbish (including camera, internet etc.) can be accessed and utilized better on other devices.
I'm getting one straight off launch, shortcomings be damned.

I'm a Nintendo fag who buys the consoles as they release >.<
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