Hirai Ken - Pop Star (by chan)

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I'm posting this in chan's place. His 1gb quota is pretty restrictive!

I suggest you get the version with video as the betamap is kind of made around the dance in the background :).

Hirai Ken - Popstar (video)
Hirai Ken - Popstar (no video)

Good work on your first beatmap chan. Its one of the first easy ones out there, so should suit the more inexperienced players.
Cute map chan - nice and easy for beginners (well relative to what everyone has posted up so far anyway)

Keep it up! Hope to see more maps from you.
It's easy coz I'm really bad/inexperienced at Ouendan ^^' (I've failed at all the other beatmaps currently posted hahahaha)

I tried to place the beats so they'd be easy to get to, and also tried to coordinate combo colours to match Ken Hirai's outfits.

Well, glad you guys had fun with it, it's been a good beatmapping learning curve. Might make another when uni's out-
ZZT the Fifth
Edit: Sorry about my complaint. I can play the song just fine now that I can actually, y'know, SEE the tracks. :P
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I actually find this version a lot easier (even considering the different method of input) than the Ouendan 2 original in question :|
Just letting you know this is my own original take of Pop Star. I don't think it's anywhere near as difficult/fast as the original. Please have a go, any feedback is most welcome.

Bear in mind this is probably aimed at newbies like myself -_-'
Nice easy song to play, aha it's one of the only songs I didn't fail on the first shot.
Hmm, if you can get the sliders (for example at 2:03) to overlap perfectly at their end points instead of half overlapping, I think it might look neater, what do you guys reckon?
Very well done though! *passes it on to beginners*
Yup, I think it'd be better with overlapping endpoints.
I've edited it and attached it to this message. Thanks for your feedback!

Download: Ken Hirai - Pop Star (Chan).osu
I'm bumping an old beatmap here, I realize, but especially with the request for people to post feedback, I think this one deserves some comments.

Of all the beatmaps I've downloaded and tried thus far (which to be sure isn't all of them), this is by far my favorite still. It's on a very playable level - I think the beatmaps overall skew very hard here, to be honest, because logically most of the people here are going to be avid Ouendan/EBA fans, and therefore used to more hectic paces since they've run through the game, gone through S-rank/all-300 runs (the latter being far beyond me), etc. This one is very playable, though - easy enough for beginners to cut their teeth on okay, although parts will definitely trip them up, and keeps you moving enough for more skilled players to still have fun if they come back - although I do have to admit, it is fairly easy on that level.

More to the point, though, the layout is very well done. Interesting enough things are done with the sliders and all, and while it took me a few runs to realize what it was, I'm very impressed with the recurring bit that matches the little hand gesture Ken Hirai does in the music video - just two beats far apart but chronologically close and a slider in the middle, forcing the cursor to move in the same way. Overall, though, what's striking is that every bit that might mess somebody up is almost purely because they're failing to match the beat or move fast enough - beats are placed in natural ways for the pattern they follow, and no dirty tricks are played like I've seen on some of these, like maps where the beat is alright to match but the sole difficulty is the beats are placed randomly and very far apart, and it's hard to get your mouse there.

So I guess in summary this is the most "fun" beatmap I've seen yet, and therefore the one I've gone back over the most, even if it's not the most challenging. Good job!
Thanks for your feedback, and I'm really glad you liked it. I do spend most of my beatmapping time trying to consider beat placement, and whether I can make the beatmap interesting for the player. Of course, when I saw this video, I just knew that the beats had to match his dance moves, it was a match made in heaven... of sorts.

I try to keep up with the forums and try to base my beatmaps on the comments that my own and other beatmaps receive. After all, they are for playing rather than for me to make.

Since this was my first beatmap, it is pitched at an easier difficulty. I struggled with everything else! I do also spend a lot of time playing through my beatmaps, and it's definitely one of the best ways to check if you're making a sensible beatmap. Since I fail at most beatmaps, this also ensures that my beatmaps are passable, although my other 2 are considerably harder.

Once again, thanks for your feedback. Whilst I'm totally fine with constructive criticism, it's a great morale boost to know someone appreciates/likes what you've done.
I agree! I agree!
This beatmap is great!

Look at my top 3!!

The dance moves are great! GREAT!
I'm still waiting to see another great beatmap like this..

Perfect Timing
Not Too Hard
Video Sync

A funny song and a funny video..
That's it
Hah, this one is awesome. I love how well the moves match the dance... there are some moments where it's just brilliant.
Does anyone play this song anymore?

I agree it's very nice for beginners or when you just want to relax. The only thing is that the beat spacing is poor in a lot of places, such as putting two notes right on top of each other, but having them go off two beats apart.
because this is the one of the first maps released
can someone reupload this Beatmap? it doesnt work :(

Solidsk13 wrote:

can someone reupload this Beatmap? it doesnt work :(
Beatmap Pack #1 includes it.
Nooopes , the file is broken even in the pack , so i can't get my A awaaaaaaay

Someone please could upload it right? >.<
EDIT: Removing the link I had here because it was taking up 40 MB and I didn't like that
This beatmap is still broken...

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