Pachiru & Thievley's STD modding queue [OPEN]

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Welcome to our modding list!

Feel free to post your map with the form behind, but before starting everything, please read our rules. They are very short, and very simple, but, if you didn't read those, we will refuse your mods. Thanks for visiting our modding queue ! :3

↓ Rules ↓

Please put a lot of details about your maps if you want something very special with the mod, if it's only a part of a song or something like that.Be polite, and don't ask mod like you consider us as your slave, if we consider that you're not enough polite, we will refuse your request.Please don't post your map if our queues are closed, otherwise, we will ignore your request.We can mod every kind of song, so feel free to post your map !Don't make double posts, or even in-game requests.Please answer to our mods, or we will add you in our blacklist.We don't care about Star Priority, even if your map has 120 Stars or 0, you can still ask, we are here to help ! :3To be honest, we prefer M4M, so people who asks for M4M will be done faster than NM.We prefer to mod maps under 5 minutes. But it doesn't means that we will refuse mods!We only take 3 request at the same time and only one map per player.

↓ Thievley's stuff ↓

  1. Does 3 NM and 4 M4M
  2. Puts priority towards M4M edit: won't be taking m4m for a while until finished with own mapsets
  3. Would prefer to mod maps under 5 minutes.
  4. Takes some time with modding
  5. Can do timing checks
  6. Can look at taiko diffs included in a standard set if needed
  7. Likes any genre (Especially anything vocaloid)

↓ Spotty's rules ↓

Post your map on the modding list, and then go to mod my map.Once you've modded my map, and only if you modded my map, I will mod your map.I don't pay attention about time, so feel free to post your map, even if it's a 30 minutes marathon !I also don't care about music genre, since it's for helping you, I'm okay with modding your map.Use the form if you want a mod, otherwise, I don't mod. (it will be a proof that you read the rules lol)I don't have modding limit then, so don't worry about modding slot, until I say that the queue is closed for me, I can mod !I try to be as faster as I can, feel free to remind me your mod if I didn't mod your map within 1 week !

↓ M4M ↓

Thievley's map for M4M →'s map for M4M →

↓ Mod form ↓

Artist :Title :BPM: Time (approximatively): Link of your map:Diffs you want us to mod:Mod from: Thievley or Spotty?

Status of Spotty's NM queue: CLOSE
Status of Thievley's NM queue: CLOSE
Status of Spotty's M4M queue: READ LAST POST
Status of Thievley's M4M queue: CLOSE

Thank you a lot for using our modding queue, hope our mods will help you to rank your maps! ♥
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