Community Mentor Program 2016 (Cycle completed)

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Community Mentor Program 2016

Hello everyone, Yuii- here!

The Community Mentorship program was a way for new and learning mappers to make a splash in the community by having a guiding hand from a more experienced mapper or modder.

Along with Okorin, we are making an attempt to re-revive the long dormant Community Mentorship Program, with some new changes in hopes to make results more tangible to everyone participating.

Applications have been closed. Thanks everyone for participating!

In case you are not sure who you want as a mentor, please wait until August 2nd. More information about each of them will be added in the post below.

Refer to the mentor list on the second post to see your options.

Program Details:

  1. Standard only for the time being. If you want to host a mode-specific program like this, contact me!
  2. This is aimed for new mappers/people who are just starting out. By that we mean people who have relatively little experience with the editor and mapping standard in general.
  3. People who, even after trying really hard, did not accomplish what they expected to, will have to explain in the form why do they think they did not achieve the results.
  4. Mentorships are operated on a per cycle basis. Cycles are periods of time (currently 10 weeks long + 2 weeks of rest time/re-organisation) where the mentor will be bound to a pupil.
  5. Cycles are culminated in an event that takes place between all mentor-pupil pairs. Each pair will present a work they have created in that cycle, and all the Mentors will serve as judges. A small scale mapping competition, except anything goes. Each cycle will start with both the mentor as well as the mentee stating their goals for the two-month-period. At the end of the cycle the actual results will be compared to your goals to assess what you reasonably reached and what you did not.
  6. Upon the culmination of each cycle, there will be a 2 weeks break. Although, these 2 weeks can be used for the mapper to keep on practising their mapping. During this period of time, the pupil will still be able to contact their mentor at any time. Even though, we want to use this short period of time for our “teachers” to rest, we do not want our mentees to feel discouraged for not being able to get the opinion of their respective teachers.
  7. After each cycle ends, the mentor and pupil can decide whether or not they want to continue for another cycle, or take on a new pupil. Pupils who part with a mentor are still eligible for future cycles so long as they have a total of less than 4 total cycles. Keep in mind that mentors should be considering these pupils as returning participants, and consider their improvements as a mapper instead of a first impression.
  8. If a mentor-mentee pair part ways within the first 2 weeks of the program for any reason, the mentor will be able to select another pupil due to the buffer time not overlapping any other cycle at the expense of their rest time. The pupil who parted ways will not be able to participate for one whole cycle depending on the reasons for breaking up the mentor-mentee relationship.
  9. Pair matching will occur after both mentor and pupil applications have concluded.

Mentoring Criteria:

  1. You should be a member of the BNG or QAT. External mentors are considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. The average weekly workload should be somewhat around 120 minutes (2 hours).
  3. You may sign up as a mentor using this thread or just via a message to Yuii- or Okorin.

Mentee Criteria:

  1. Have limited knowledge on how to use the editor. Proper usage of the shortcuts.
  2. Mentally prepared to be repeatedly told that their maps have a big room of improvement; accept direct criticism. That being said, you need likely to spend more time than your mentor on this, otherwise you will not get far.
  3. Willingness to ask questions.
  4. Your availability times (preferably timezones) should match the mentor you are applying to (we will not allow pairings like UTC+5 and UTC-7 unless there are special circumstances)

Code of Conduct (Mentor/Pupil):

  1. We want to focus on a more "discussion" oriented view in these events. We are not supposed to teach you how we would map according to our styles. We will most likely tell you how things should be done and why (not) to do them. We will give you constructive criticism rather than a “you missed my style!”.
  2. If you do not agree with some mentor in particular being assigned to you within the first week, you will be put in cooldown until we can assign you someone else. This will not have any consequences, yet we want you to at least give them a try.
  3. We are not going to be picky if you do not show yourself up once. Although, we do not want you to abuse this. Unless you are able to explain why you could not attend a session with your mentor, you should be aware that at one point this will have consequences. As a mentor, you must be able to properly be on time; as a mentee, you should behave and follow certain and similar rules in time and form.
  4. Please, do report any inappropriate behaviour you see. We will investigate the case and take appropriate measures according to it. We will not tolerate a mentor and a mentee getting into fights/”rage-quitting” because of this.

In addition, we are open to suggestions for amendments to what we have right now.
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Mentor -> Mentee

Alphabetical order (by mentor):

Mentors list:

Detailed Information: ... sp=sharing

Short Information:

Mentor (Timezone, other Languages [besides English], Availability)
Striked through = has chosen a mentee already and should not be applied to

  • Spaghetti (UTC-7, Spanish, every day but wednesdays and saturdays)
    Frostings (UTC-5, none, evenings starting September)
    Giralda (UTC-5 (summer time -4), Cantonese Chinese (orally only), one hour per session, scheduled with mentee)
    Natsu (UTC-6, Spanish, during nights like 5 or 6 hours)
    Shiro (UTC+1 (summer time +2), French + Spanish, all day until September, from that point on mostly evenings)
    Nozhomi (UTC+1 (summer time +2), French, Usually from 11am to midnight if not working)
    Lasse (UTC+1 (summer time +2), German, all day until October, from that point on mostly evenings)
    Okorin (UTC+1 (summer time +2), German, ingame weekdays 5pm~12am)
    Pho (UTC+1 (summer time +2), German, weekends only 7~12pm, otherwise on discord)
    Exa (UTC+2, Greek, Almost every afternoon but mostly during late night)
    -kevincela- (UTC+1 (summer time +2), Italian, evenings every day)
    Andrea (UTC+1 (summer time +2), Italian, 1 hour in evenings)
    MrSergio (UTC+1 (summer time +2), Italian + Romanian, any day in the afternoon)
    Asahina Momoko (UTC+9, Japanese, available for 1~2h between 21~24, in weekends)
    guineaQ (UTC+3, Korean, Available on all times except monday to wednesday; but preferrably at night time)
    Sonnyc (UTC+9, Korean, 10-11pm)
    Tess (UTC+1 (summer time +2), Dutch + decent Portuguese, 5am - 12 pm at almost any day)
    ByBy13 (UTC+2, Romanian, Weekdays 13-17)
    Sieg (UTC+3, Russian, all day until September, from that point on mostly evenings)
    handsome (UTC+8, none, Evenings every day)
    neonat (UTC+8, none, evenings every day)
    Irreversible (UTC+1 (summer time +2), German + decent French, doesn't know, if unsure ask on discord and make out a time)
    sukiNathan (UTC-7, none, only weekends after August 31st)
    Smoothie World (UTC-4, none, 6 PM to 4 AM on weekdays)
    byfar (UTC-7, none, ingame weekends sat 5~9pm sun 2~9pm)
yes, nice to have that program back
I'll be a mentor

sukiNathan wrote:

I'll be a mentor
holy shit you literally copied my intro almost word for word

oh wait I guess thats pretty good
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Nyquill wrote:

holy shit you literally copied my intro almost word for word
Yes, hope you don't DMCA me, I found it to be really good :(
Great idea, good luck everyone! :3
The idea so good I wish I could join as a mentee. Good luck, everyone!
Time to learn some STD mapping! :D

Good to see this again
Cool to see this back :3
can i be frosting's mentee?
I would like to be a mentor too ^^ Glad to see this back! :)
We will use the next few days to set up everything properly along with formatting around here. As adding more mentors will create more overhead and make things harder to manage we will process the remaining mentor applications now, but will not accept new ones.
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Applications are now open! Make sure to read the thread carefully before applying.
Put up a bit more data on p/5331744, currently formatting all we have about the Mentors into something that is easier to read~

So far it looks as follows:

sukiNathan: 12 applicants
Smoothie World: 12 applicants
Asahina Momoko: 8 applicants

just to give you an idea who will probably be booked soon enough.

Mentors can make a choice when they feel like they found a mentee they will absolutely want to teach before the 15th (we will update the thread with these mentors). If that does not happen consider the application end to be the 15th (example: sukiNathan already knows that he really wants to teach "Applicant_6" so he can just tell everyone that he is not very likely to change his opinion no matter how many people you throw at him. This intends to avoid a ton of people choosing the same mentor to then be disappointed that they weren't the "1 out of 50" while the rest of the mentors available would happily look for people but barely anyone applies)

So basically it's FIFO
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The post that contains the list of the mentors is now sorted according to alphabetical country + alphabetical within countries. Additionally, we have added a spreadsheet to it with even more detailed information about each of them.
Just to clarify: you do not necessarily have to have a map to sign up. You can fill that field with "no maps yet" or anything similar
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Small update. We are changing the deadline to send applications for mentees. They will be closing on August, 7th instead of the 15th.

So hurry up in case you still have not sent your application so far! You still have a couple of days before we are done. Some mentors have already decided for their mentees, by the way. You might want to see who are left!
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Sorry for the double post. Small update.

Applications will close in 24 hours. They will close at 02:00 AM on Monday (UTC+2 - European time zone). Hurry up in case you have not applied yet!

EDIT: Closed. We will come with an update in a couple of hours. The chosen mentees will be announced on the second post.
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