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If you downloaded it before 2018/06/01, redownload it to get the good stuff!

Hey! NYTO is a minimalistic and flexible skin aimed for everyone, especially for those who like to customize their stuff.
Thanks to xChorse for this great preview video!

As I mentioned this skin is flexible and lets you choose your style not only from variety of colours but from other parts too.
FYI - Every single thing is in EXTRA folder located in skin's directory. I included the default parts in there for everyones convenience too. Smash CTRL+C.

Keep in mind that, for example old hitcircleoverlay, is still there, you can switchback anytime.
EXTRAS folder includes:
  1. Option to choose between 2 hitcircle overlays.
  2. Option to center accuracy/score in-game.
  3. Minimalistic cursor + trail in 8 colours.
  4. Textured cursor in 8 colours.
  5. 3 types of hitcircles (thin, thicc and full)
  6. Bonus hitsound pack.
  7. Menu-back button with 8 colour options.
  8. Darker version of song list background.
  9. Ranking panel and graph in 8 colours.
  10. Option to remove Taiko hitcircle overlay.
  11. Scorebar (HP) in 8 colours.
  12. You can choose from 8 colours to personalize your user profile field.
  13. Lighting file for more flashy gameplay.

And use this >
*In the screenshots tab only major pictures are included.

Full circle

Thin circle

2018/06/01 Update

  2. Adjusted each hitcircle to look smoother
  3. [b]Switched default hitcircleoverlay (old one is still there).
  4. Taiko hitcircle adjustment.
  5. Now you can change taiko hitcircle overlay like in STD mode.
  6. Changed some of the hitsounds (old ones still there).
  7. You can now choose colors for ranking-panel & graph!
  8. Added orange, purple and white colour variatons.
  9. Removed circle around reversearrow.
  10. You can now change user profile field colours!
  11. Adjusted menu mod buttons (modes, mods, random, settings).
  12. Adjusted cursors with trails.
  13. Customized CTB cather a little bit.
  14. Added outter circle for spinner (better for HD plays).
  15. Changed play-skip button.
  16. Added an option to make accuracy/timer appear at the center of the screen.
  17. Recolored mod icons and smoothened colour transitioning.
  18. Changed "unranked" and "spinner clear" signs.
  19. Made some changes to menu background (supporter feature).
  20. Pause screen color adjustment.
  21. Taiko playfield color adjustment.

2016/06/24 Update

2016/06/15 Update

Updated links 2018/06/01
Direct link:

Mediafire: ... 202018.osk
Very nice Skin!

Please Fix:

selection-mod-target@2x.png and is missing :D
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Awww i forgot that little one. Thanks!
Here is the link :

I will update skin with every mod icon later on. Skin is for STD only but at least mod icons will be for each mod :D
Good skin
Simple and yet beautiful, you did a good job.
Very nice skin!
It's simple and yet it's very pretty. You did a good job!
nice skin 10/10 would nyt agian
You've really outdone yourself, it's clearly shown that you've spent a lot of time on this skin, it's beautiful and well-made not to mention the gameplay is flawless too. Good job 11/10
very nice skin omega good job :33
I typically don't reply to osu! forums, but after seeing this on reddit. I had to JUST make a post saying how awesome this skin is. Easily one of the best skins I've ever seen in terms of minimalism. So GOOD for gameplay
Kyle 2
I'm with @Starshade, this is one helluva nice skin! Would love to see your take on other game modes in the future! :)
Good skin~! The minimalistic design is really well thought out and reminded me abit of Yugen.. 10/10 beautiful skin ^-^
Love this skin!

FaZe Weeaboo
I am loving the skin, but there is only one thing I would change about it. On the fail screen it should say something like "I must improve" or "I need more practice" instead of saying "I am a failure" cuz that really hurts my self esteem.

HP bar looks a bit weird on 1280x720...
I quite like it. The color schemes, the note types and the cursors are all pretty good and quite noticeable while playing, which is something I usually look for and need to have. Great job, I'll be using it along with YUGEN and 7hUSet from now on.

Quick question, is there a way to make all notes purple instead of having them multicolored? The purple ones stand out really well and it helps me a lot.
I like it a lot!! love the UI design, very nice job :)
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Thanks everyone for your oppinions!

@isopaharuntikka Now it should be good.
@Weeaboo Life Now this should encourage you!

06/15 Update:
-Added Catch the Beat parts. (First attempt)
-Pause/Fail overlay unnoticable color improvement
-Changed to "Failed" from "Paused" in fail-background
-Added transparent cursortrail.png for each cursor (with no trail) color folder
-Changed words to "I can still handle this!" in section-fail.png
-Fixed scorebar-color appearance. (Old scorebar-color.png caused this)
-Updated and added some screenshots.
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