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may i noe wat is the best sensitivity for playing Osu
1,0 or 1,3
Depends on your personal preference. I use 1,2 when I play with mouse.
There is a specific sensitivity to make you better at osu!
Using a tablet makes you instantly better at osu!
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There can never be a definite and "perfect" mouse sensitivity for any game. It's is all down to your style of play. For osu! though, it's recomended that you steadily increase your mouse sensitivity to play harder maps and reach notes quicker. Generally everyone has a ilimit in mouse sensitivity so you shouldn't go higher than you can handle.
It really, really depends on your mouse. At home the mouse I use for osu has a sensitivity of 3.1, my other mouse is around 2.5 and when I get to school and use their mouse it's around 2.0. So really the best thing to do is choose a sensitivity that works for you play around with it and you'll probably find one.
1,0 all day every day.
Kyonko Hizara
Pick this sensitivity you feel the most comfortable with. I use 1.0 x 1.6k dpi (X7 mouse) and Windows medium setting and it's very fine for me :-P

Also, there's few topics about it already, you may want to check them too.
Because osu! freaks out and dies if I use anything else.
Firo Prochainezo
0,5x and it's still pretty fast for me.

Daru wrote:

Because osu! freaks out and dies if I use anything else.
Oh the wonders of tablets.

But really, it's fun to watch osu! freak out on different settings.

Firo Prochainezo wrote:

0,5x and it's still pretty fast for me.
inorite, and my mouse is crap.
mine is either 0,7x or 0,9x, I think.
Firo Prochainezo

E-Hooker wrote:

inorite, and my mouse is crap.
mine is either 0,7x or 0,9x, I think.
Well, actually my mouse is not crappy at all (and it's very good too). I just prefer slow things.
There are a lot of threads like this on the forum, deathlight, use the search function! ;__;
there's never best sensitivity. use 0.5 if you prefer slow 4.0 if fast.

that was joke

I use x1.4 but It really depends on what mouse you are using.
0.5 for me ( couldn't set it lower) but I do use a 3600dpi mouse with no modification in windows this means it still only takes 3 cm of movement to get the pointer from the left to the right side of the screen in osu!

welll this easy that all
1800 dpi mouse
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