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Mania Aspire Contest

The contest will be divided into 2 phases, with judging coming after both.

Song Selection

This phase will be divided into 3 stages that should last over the course of about 2 weeks. This will be to decide which song people will need to map for this contest.

Stage 1: Song Suggestions

In this stage, anybody who is interested will be able to submit suggestions for songs to use for the contest. This includes judges, myself, aliens, anyone. Note that suggesting a song will not necessarily guarantee it moves on to the next stage of this phase. (Namely, I will be tossing out generic songs, such as TV Sizes for example). All other songs that make it will then move on to Stage 2.

Stage 2: Preliminary Voting

In this stage, all maps that have made it past Stage 1 are allowed to be selected here. In this stage, everyone can vote for any number of songs. At the end of 7 days, the top x songs with the most amount of votes will then move on to the last stage, where x depends on the distribution of votes at the top. I aim to have around 5 songs advance.

Stage 3: Final Voting

Fuck it this is TBA. Discussions are being held.


At the end of song selection, I will (attempt to) time the song that was chosen, and then release a base .osz for submissions. At this point, you will have a month of time to create something fun. Similar to the standard Aspire contest, there are only 2 (or 3) rules:

  1. Maps should be osu!mania only. I'm not responsible for scores given to submissions in other gamemodes.
  2. Maps must be passable. FCs do not have to be possible.
  3. Don't put anything NSFW in your map. Please.

Beyond that, you are free to do whatever you want! Provide your own BG, storyboard, hitsounds, whatever! You will be submitting .osz's instead of .osu's, so you will have complete freedom to do whatever you want in your map.

During the contest period, you may PM me a submission to the song as many times as you wish. I will only take the last submission sent to me, and use that as your final submission. Submission format will be posted when this phase begins.


After I have received all the submissions, I will anonymize all of them, and then give them to the judges. At this point, they will have some amount of time in order to look at all the submissions, and assign scores to them as follows:

  1. Technical Skill (10 points)
  2. Creativity (20 points)
  3. Structure + Flow (10 points)
  4. Judges Impressions (10 points)

After each judge has finished assigning score to each map, the final scores will be computed as follows:

Let S_A be the average of a judge's submissions, and let SD be the standard deviation. Each raw score will be converted to a standarized score as follows:

S* = (S-S_A)/SD

Finally, each maps score will be the sum of the standarized score of the judges, potentially multiplied/added by a constant for clarity. (Note that this will not change the ordering of the final results).


Currently TBA. I plan to at least have some amount of supporter given out for the top 3 submissions, and possibly more depending on how negotiations go.


Tentative, subject to change.
  1. 1.1: Song Suggestions - 5/22-5/28
  2. 1.2: Preliminary Voting - 5/29-6/4
  3. 1.3: Final Voting - 6/5 - 6/7
  4. 2: Mapping - 6/9 - 7/9
  5. 3: Judging - 7/9 - ??? (Depends on number of submissions)

Current Stage

>>> Results! <<<

Special Thanks

Everyone who submitted songs. This was a really nice set of songs that were suggested, thanks for that. In fact, I even got 0 TV size suggestions (or even anime song suggestions actually), so that was nice.

Hydria - For helping me organize/anonymizing the submissions.
If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
sign me the fuck up ✓

Does the set have to be "rankable"?

Wh1teh wrote:


Does the set have to be "rankable"?
"(The difficulty rule is deliberately vague. We want to encourage mappers to break the current mold of difficulty = creativity. Intelligent use of everything at a mapper’s disposal (storyboards, backing videos, .osu file editing, hitsounds, timing sections, etc) is what we’re looking for over maps that are exceptionally difficult.)"

"The standard Ranking Criteria does NOT apply. Mappers are completely free to pursue whatever they envision for the song. Mapping techniques such as “2B” are also allowed. A good example of many of these “fringe” mapping techniques is expressed in the popular “Debug” difficulty of aran - Graces of Heaven mapped by rustbell (aka: spro)."

std aspire said this so im pretty sure we can go nuts
What? Is this really official? As if it is said that it is rankable without following standard Ranking Criteria.
Let's roll people.
Slight update: Extended the length of Preliminary Voting, as it looks like there's going to be a a lot of songs to go through.
A little over a day left for suggestions if anyone hasn't sent them in yet. Keep them coming!

UPDATE: Going through submissions right now. You have until sometime tonight (when I finish everything) to actually submit.
Osu!mania need more Helblinde and memes
So I narrowed the submissions from 37 suggestions to 25 choices for this first round, in order to make it easier on people to listen to all of these songs. Thanks for everyone who submitted songs (and for that one person who submitted something like 15 things)!

You have until sometime on 6/4 or 5 before I close this round and narrow it down to the top few songs, so start voting for things you like!

I ask that you only vote at most once for each song, but there is no hard way for me to enforce it, so I'll just be trusting everyone here to do so.
If we choose a song that's really long will you cut it for the contest ;n;
I personally won't, but feel free to do it yourself . :P

I guess now would be a good time to get into slightly more specific details about the mapping stage:

  1. 1. Unless there are any objections to this, I am going to allow judges to also participate in this contest as well. I believe nobody here will attempt to game the scoring system in order to make their entry win.
  2. 2. Judges submissions will be weighted as the average of the other 4 judges scores. Math will be used to normalize the scores to everyone else's final scores.
  3. 3. When submitting maps, you will be submitting .osz's. This means you can include whatever you want with your map, and modify any components as well (including mp3's, skins, storyboards, etc.)
  4. 4. Because outliers can screw up scoring, I will be not including scores of joke/broken submissions when normalizing other scores.
Dropped my votes - there's not only a lot of good songs, but also a lot of songs that could make for multiple things that are largely different from one another. Definitely a big fan of a good majority of the choices.
Something for me xD
Count me in.
Obligatory day and a half reminder before votes close. They'll probably end on time this time around, since I don't need to sit through a few hours of listening to music.

EDIT: Last stage of voting is going through revisions/discussion atm.
I closed votes for now, so I can figure out what I'm doing next.

The reason I'm saying that is because someone decided to vote for Helblinde at least 8 times, and I have fairly convincing proof of this. So whoever that was, you ruined it for everyone. Helblinde is being taken off, and I'm discussing what to do with the last part of voting right now.
Couldn't you just make a forum poll?
Not for the previous round, due to the fact that there were 25 song choices. I also kind of wanted to make people vote without knowing the state of the other votes as well.

Anyways, Discord is a thing if you guys want. Right now the current plan is for the judges to discuss which song should be selected, though this will take quite a few days.
just fuck my shit up tbh
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