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Ryuusei Aika wrote:

also would be better if you say something about why you naming top 2 diffs as eternity and divine since "Custom naming must follow a common theme or pattern related to the song and must not be misrepresentative." - RC
for kibb's diff, it's still related to the song. Referenced to the explanation on the notes notes on this site, The word "Eternity" is a translation of a word on the title.

and for the top diff, lit told me that he would change the diff name into "Forever". Also referenced to the link above, it said the title could be translated into "From Endless to Eternity" or "From Eternity to Eternity". Both "Endless" and "Eternity" have a same meaning to "Forever" so it would be fine to use "Forever" for the diff name.
i had a discussion with kibb in discord about my current diff name, and decided to use "Forever" as the diff name, although it is fit based on the song title there

basically, 永久より -> Eternity | 永遠に -> Forever

and yep, Blizs is right

did the hitsound on missing one u told me + recheck on my own

changed the diff name to Forever

still, Divine is related with VN there, but oh well~
here u go m8~


don't forget to put the "txt-Ff.png" file in "lyrics" folder
updated sb

let's go!
rly sorry for the previous wrong pop...

well, updated kibb's only for NC stuff + 1 missing hitsound stuff from Forever + Lasse

I would strongly recommend to reduce HP and OD of the Normal and slightly buff OD of Hard. Making them the same seems a bit weird as to spread.
idk why blizs set the hp and od like that, but...

set the Hard diff to HP6 and OD6 for now

the current diff settings on Normal seems ok though for me
Let's have a try
2 years later... Qualified

Been a while though

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