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We’re excited to announce a big new change in how the QAT functions today, making the first steps towards community-oriented direction in how beatmaps are managed and processed.

Previously, the QAT was required to individually check every map in the Qualified section to ‘assure quality’. This often resulted in situations where issues of an unclear nature were often ignored in discussion between modders and mappers, and instead left for the QAT to decide by means of disqualification.

Disqualifications were often made over minor issues that most users would typically not even notice when playing maps as well, much to the frustration of the people waiting for the maps to enter the Ranked category, and to the people making maps as well.

Going forward, the QAT will no longer be obligated to check every qualified beatmap for quality checks. Instead, they will be reactive in nature, responding to and addressing reports made by members of the community about a map’s quality.

We want to return the responsibility for mapping quality and content to the community at large, rather than delegating it to a small group of people to enforce. We believe this change will achieve this.

How does this affect the QAT?

The QAT will no longer do the following:
  1. Check maps of their own volition for general quality assurance
The QAT will continue to do the following:
  1. Mod beatmaps of their own accord
  2. Check the metadata of maps both qualified and ranked
  3. Check all reports made by the community for a base level of consideration and worth.
  4. For example, reports of issues such as sliders being a single pixel off alignment (or any other issue that has almost no impact on gameplay) will be considered as trivial and will be rejected by the QAT.

How does this affect the community at large?

The community will now be responsible for the following:
  1. Reporting qualified maps that have glaring issues, reasonable room for improvement or errors that significantly affect general play in the map
  2. Discuss aforementioned issues with the mapper in the beatmap threads
  3. Reaching an amicable conclusion about how to best address said issues with the mapper(s)

How do I report a beatmap?

Members of the community may report a beatmap which they feel would benefit from disqualification and further revision by doing the following:
  1. Posting in this thread
  2. Contacting any QAT via forum PM or an in-game message with a link to a forum post detailing the issues or suggestions of the beatmap in question.
  3. Using the in-game !report function, including the same information as the point above in the report message.

Going forward, we will also be releasing a Code of Conduct regarding Mapping and Modding affairs. This will ensure that there will be a base level of respect in the talks surrounding these issues, as they have been prone to problems in the past. Ultimately, all parties involved in the ranking/mapping process have the same ultimate goal - to get cool stuff ranked and available for play as quickly as possible with as little issue as possible.

We would also like to encourage people to be civil and mature when dealing with criticism. Disqualifying a beatmap does not denote that a map is of poor quality or that the person doling out the disqualification has personal problems with you.

Think of disqualification as a platform to make your maps even better than they were before, and know that the more effort you put into your creations, the better they will ultimately be at the end of things, and this will reflect well on you as a mapper.

Feel free to post here and leave your comments and questions about that change!
it means that now its community _our self_ who controls quality inside a qualified mapset..? as long as community active & care enough to give feedback & reports towards the mapset, im looking forward how it works!
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Exactly! We encourage everyone to contribute in this ultimate goal.
You all want to promote that everyone is free and encouraged to leave their feedback in beatmap threads and not wait for others to do it for them. Every opinion matters!
This is great but QATs have already worked like this for a long time right? o_O
By the way i'm wondering how BNs and QATs are managed now since there're still a few inactive BNs and QATs now and no any new QAT got promoted after Gamu (10 months ago), which makes the new system not able to work well, maybe this should be fixed soon or later by improving efficiency and for making the map management work more efficient. we usually need several hours to wait for a dq, that's slow, lol
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Why is waiting several hours slow? Are you rushing something? Given that QATs do not check maps anymore, we do not need more people for now in this specific field. Most QATs in the group are active, fwiw.

BNs are an entire different topic.
This is a nice change. Making it open for the community instead of the QATs themselves will hopefully bring more post-qualification modding
Looking forward to the results
It was always open just no one cared to give feedback. True, we checked those map but since the community did not help us out it often resulted last minute DQ.
Hopefully this new "reactive" QAT philosophy will encourage the community to take more responsibility and make post-qualification modding be seen as more acceptable and even necessary to maintain high standards of quality.

Although they're obviously not obligated to mod anymore, I hope QAT members are still willing to mod of their own volition from time to time, as their experience would be a huge benefit to new and aspiring mappers and modders in a way that DQ posts couldn't really achieve.

Excited to see how this goes (:
Actually this doesn't looks like a huge change considering how the main tasks of QAT has been working these days. Good that an official announcement was made to assure that new format. Better that there is now a community thread to report Qualified beatmaps.

The only thing that people should be aware of is always the unexpected side-effects. Since now nobody is obligated to check qualified beatmaps, chances always exist that unrankable issues getting passed the qualified section, leading to an unexpected unrank. Such unranks would never be appreciated since that's not how this system is designed, but we'll see. (Already unranks, not DQs, happened due to such negligence of QATs.) This will be a huge impact on this game since the last team who did their job with responsibility lose their task in my opinion.

I only hope the entire community will take the responsibility of checking maps to avoid any side-effects.

I wonder what's the difference between me as a BN reporting the map here t/398892 and not here t/447428?

Like would QATs will give more priority to one thread than the other or how so?
I doubt that any map will have unrankable issue. And even if there will be, we can unrank it later if its a gamebreaker. But the chance for this, taken the past year as example is 1/100 at most. If its just plays badly, well, they gave shit and got shit at the end.
Natsu ? this was with QATs checking, people rarely take a look at qualified maps, without someone checking atleast with Aimod/aibat/etc. Unrankable issues in ranked maps will become not rare anymore. Just my 2 cents, but let's see how this works.
it seems like its been running like this for the past few months anyway xD.

i like this official change though. dq's seem to be more approachable this way.
It's better for reporter to post their thought to map's thread first, then report relating to specific post, would improve following discussion's efficiency.
I find it really redundant to have 2 threads in 2 different subforums to report in.

As a nominator can post in both forums but others cant post in beatmap management... id suggest just archiving cb's thread here and collect everything in the one public thread:

Advantages I see in that
- Qat doesnt have to follow 2 threads.
- BNs dont have to look into both threads when stumbling upon something report-worthy.
- Lowers chances of redundant reports.
- simplifies reporting structure.
- less separation between bns and normal users (no special treatment for us)
I'd also love to see the !report command when reporting a map. I think some BNs would like to join the discussion in case a map gets modded while in the qualified section. Not sure if you are able to separate normal reports from map reports, thou.

Oko's idea is nice, by the way
I hope every report is replied in some way, even if it's rejected, I think the only ones that are edited are the ones that got DQed, but all should have some sort of reply, so that it is clear that it has been checked/reviewed. Much like the help section
Yes there will be replies to everything unless it is just so silly a simple no is required.
Cherry Blossom

Okorin wrote:

id suggest just archiving cb's thread here and collect everything in the one public thread:
I agree with it, if you want everyone report things, then just remove my thread and let's post everything in the same thread.
Following 2 threads may be more than confusing for QATs, BNs and mappers involved in DQs.
Will qualification keep the "<x> maps ranked per 24h" format, or revert back to a straight 7-day window for each individual map (or something else entirely?)
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