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Anthiese wrote:

Pokemon: 1. too many little kids (Obviously. Nintendo aims towards children, but most of their fanbase is made up of teens and adults.) 2. The competitive community is horrible at most times. They look down on everyone that doesn't participate in competitive, but I've met a few people who respect those who don't really like competitive. Honestly, competitive Pokemon isn't really for me.
May I add one more? If yes... (It's still about pokemon)

3. Pokemon XY&Z anime fanboys who seriously went hard to shit on Pokemon S&M anime (So hard that it's very often to see them disrespecting anyone else who says otherwise). Sure thing, the art style change might be intriguing, but all of these guys really need to calm their ass off, give the new series a room to breathe, and keep their salt for themselves.

Don't get me wrong, I also like XY&Z, but I never went apeshit like this xd
I have played many games but I would say, "CS:GO" on ESEA servers and "League of legends" on a bad day
I see a lot of people posting this game as their top, but i've had a pretty good experience so Osu! is actually low on my list. My top 3 are;
-Rainbow six siege (it gets worse the better you get, even though there are some pretty chill guys out there)
-overwatch (...its gotten better...)
League and Dota, no contest.
No other game are you stuck in a match for 30-60 minutes with a room of teammates that want to tear each other's throats out.
geometry dash

PhythaWish wrote:

A lot of the mainstream MOBA games got the worst communities due to the fact a lot of them ( not all of them ) are toxic kids fighting each other
league and dota, then there's little big planet (the community has turned into salty shit)
Ngl, I'd have to say the Undertale community is pretty bad. Not everyone, obviously, but a large amount.
Great game, bad community.
i still think roblox is shit
9 year olds called me out for apparently hacking
learn to ambush, you idiots
Both Osu! and Geomatry Dash , one is purecancer , other is a bunch of weeb alway thing their community is better than other communities
Dota and LoL.
LoL, every match is the same, doesnt matter if you play good, there will be a toxic player that drop the match
Five nights at Freddys

Not so much anymore but a couple years ago they were going crazy with disgusting fanart
In my opinion the worst community is the tf2 community due to the toxic chats and the hackers involved in it as well as trade scammers that scam other players for expensive items in the game.
i mean. csgo is pretty bad. pubg has a lot of hackers in china mainly. theres a solution for the pubg issue... region lock china. osu is meh. call of duty gave me terminal aids. so if any of yall wanna play some counter strike with me i mean. heres the link, i play alot of csgo
Here :3
this community.

lol just kidding it's my school's gaming community they aren't even real gamers they only play mobile games.
persona 3.4 and 5 fans
shin megami tensei elitists
doki doki literature club

i couldnt say minecraft and roblox since they are funny
L4D2's multiplayer community, less than 1k hours played => kick, 1 mistake => kick, not russian => kick, spam annoying emotes => not kicked
Closely followed by (back then) DotA 1
This community easily. Although its slightly rivaled by LoL.
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