Second Circle Championships #1-#1500 (sponsored by Lioncast)

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Hello everyone, we would like to hereby announce a new upcoming tournament soon. It will be the aim of this tournament to find the best duo in osu. This means that the tournament will be 2vs2. We have the honor to get the sponsoring from the company "Lioncast" and therefore we have terrific prizes from places 1-3. The scoring-system will be ScoreV2
Group stage's

At the beginning of the tournament, there will be a group stage. Groups will be assigned after registration phase has closed. There will be five teams in a group with the two highest scoring teams moving out of group stages. Each team will play at least once against each other team in their respective group. 1 point is given for a win and 0 for a loss. After the group stages the K.O. phase will begin.

How matches are played out

At the beginning of a match, the referee will invite the players to join the room. Players will roll using the !roll command to see who bans and picks first. The player who rolls the highest will ban 1 map first and then the other player will do the same. After this, the player who scored the highest roll chooses a map to be played first. Players alternately select maps to be played 1 at a time. The team that scores the most points on the map wins the round and gets a point. In group stages, the team that wins 3 rounds first wins the match and gains 1 point overall. The same map cannot be played more than once per a match. Should a player lose connection during a map, it is possible to replay the round with the same map again. If a player loses connection again, it will count as a defeat for that individual round. If the player does not reconnect and return to the game within 15 minutes, the match will count as a defeat for the respective player.
A player must be within the rank range of #1 - #1500 upon registration.
Each team is only allowed to ban one map per a match.
You're not allowed to pick a mod map more than twice in a row but you can pick multiple maps from the same mod category in 1 match. (For example you can pick a HR map, then nomod and then again a different HR map.)
Tiebreakers will be played with FreeMod so you are allowed to pick either Hidden or HardRock but it's not required.
Each captain must !roll for bans and warmups.
Warm ups cannot be any maps from the map pool and must have a length of less than 5:00.
Everyone in the staff except map pool pickers can participate if they wish to.
In order to participate in our tournament, you will need to be in the rank range of #1 - #1500. Follow the format below to register your team!
[b]Player 1[/b] - Rank
[b]Player 2[/b] - Rank
FistusK: Firstus and imagaK
To all you fuckboys out there: Katziezi and _YuriNee
I love oppai: Megatron is bad and Yumia
[HETH]: [HALLO] and Veth
YAYA: Piotrekol and Ezoda
Some random team: Auji and Beafowl
osu! needs more speedcore: follon and Fuwzie
Trigger Warning: Ignite and Kyle
Noobs: Bowlglet and Broodich
QT Grills: Anzu Takakura and revurii
Segunda Oportunidad: Te Amo and Aireu
kurwa marde: Azer and Rafis
W3non: W3SON and Enon
Cinip012345: DenierNezzar and Cinia Pacifica
Team :V: Bubbleman and rafalbrew
TV-Size: ncuh amd callmebatya
Team xd: -Wolfy- and kasdeya
Team Pro: Shiawase and _index
Duality: skashiro and Jaybladezz
Ethereal Mr. Baldwin: Vaxei and Seouless
Kakiage: Spook and Kakiage
tbd: Smoothie World and Gayzmcgee
Inferno GomoLastbI: SoMad and talala
Antithetical: Aeril and Apraxia
Team uh: Hollister and Stoof
anything: Shiorii and Monko2k
Sugoibois: xSeato and Anroyz
Milchq22: Mlaw22 and Wilchq
FELT: Seto Kousuke and Sophia
SauLeNoMoPei: Diulenomo and Saulunpei
jaja volkswagen: WORSTPOLACKEU and cptnXn
hauptsache anime avatar: vaporlol and Capu
zuihou: Icsia and Recia
burstlimit: My Aim Sucks and Neta
Hardrock Cafe: NNAisle and [C u r i]
ok dad: VINXIS and Asahina Momoko
Fun Ruiners: Tiger Claw and Astar
Long Lost Brothers: Doomsday and Rohulk
shortpotato: yellowy246 and a loli
Spin2win: DVa and SpajdeR
kurwa marde: #51
Ethereal Mr. Baldwin: #75
tbd: #88
Milchq22: #98
Long Lost Brothers: #98
Inferno GomoLastbI: #103
Cinip012345: #114
burstlimit: #127
W3non: #230
Team Pro: #256
Spin2win: #258
Fun Ruiners: #258
FistusK: #264
jaja volkswagen: #268
Some random team: #305
Team uh: #306
shortpotato: #327
[HETH]: #443
Team :V: #541
zuihou: #693
Trigger Warning: #697
QT Grills: #698
Noobs: #784
Antithetical: #883
osu! needs more speedcore: #958
Segunda Oportunidad: #1003
TV-Size: #1079
Duality: #1137
Sugoibois: #1230
hauptsache anime avatar: #1236
Hardrock Cafe: #1258
SauLeNoMoPei: #1452
anything: #1517
ok dad: #1592
Team xd: #1673
YAYA: #1751
To all you fuckboys out there: #1818
FELT: #1878
Kakiage: #1908
I love oppai: #2232

last accessed: May 24th

|Group A|
I love oppai
Trigger Warning
Fun Ruiners

|Group B|
ok dad
osu! needs more speedcore
Team uh
kurwa marde

|Group C|
To all you fuckboys out there
Team Pro
Inferno GomoLastbI

|Group D|
Team :V
jaja volkswagen

|Group E|
Some random team

|Group F|
hauptsache anime avatar
Ethereal Mr. Baldwin

|Group G|
Team xd
Hardrock Cafe
QT Grills
Long Lost Brothers

|Group H|
Segunda Oportunidad
Sign-Ups close: June 4th or the cap of 64 40 participants is reached!
Groups and the first Mappool: June 11th
Groupstage Week 1: June 25th - June 26th
Groupstage Week 2: July 2nd - July 3rd
Round of 16: July 9th - July 10th
Rescheduled Matches of Round of 16: July 16th - July 17th
Quarter-Finals: July 23rd - July 24th
Semi-Finals: July 30th - July 31st
Finals: August 6th - August 7th
Grand Finals: August 13th - August 14th
Red marked Stages are recent changes!
hype <3
Time to start farming so I can take part in this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Nice freu mich drauf :D <3
Teamname: FistusK
Firstus - #130
imagaK - #150
Teamname: To all you fuckboys out there
Katziezi - 1280
_Yurine - 642
Goodluck everyone!
Teamname: I miss Alix
Shiratu - 801
Principe - 774
Megatron is bad
Team Name: I love oppai
Megatron is bad - 1083
Yumia - 1475
Teamname: [HETH]
[HALLO] - 222
Veth - 350
Team Name: YAYA
Piotrekol - 612
Ezoda - 1103
Teamname: Some random team
Friendofox - #353
Beafowl - #43
osu! needs more speedcore
follon - 400
Fuwzie - 510
Team Name: Trigger Warning
Ignite - 347
Xtra - 281
Team Name: Noobs

Broodich #122
Psycopath- #747
Anzu Takakura
Team name: QT Grills
revurii -#509
Anzu Takakura -#290
Te Amo
TeamName: Segunda Oportunidad
Player1: KevEz (_SecindChance_) #260
Player2: -Hebel- #1040
Teamname: kurwa marde (temporary)
Azer - #47
Rafis - #2
Seems like we already have a winner!

sahuang wrote:

Seems like we already have a winner!
Yep. :D
But maybe we see another WWW & Cookiezi combo.
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