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Error loading audio for tihs beatmap ..

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I get that ^ error when i try to play this map :

I already tried to download the map from the pack from where it is (Pack 1#) and the same still happening , yea tried erasing the map and putting it again , downloading from the map itself doesn't work cause it's not uploaded properly , i need to play the map cause i have an A (i must have played it when i was noob) and i need to get it out >.< .. so , any suggestions?.

Thanks in advice and happy new year! :).
ITT, post beatmaps with download or installation errors

Being an old map, it's possible that the map has already been reported in that thread, but try checking there.
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Thanks .. posting there just naw.
I got this error a while ago actually (And I understand this post is about 2 weeks old, but I'll put this answer here for future reference. I also understand that this answer is "Somewhat" irrelevant to his original question)

It was strange, that one time when I uploaded my map, that it completely removed all of the files except for the actual beatmap. I noticed that the original map that I had made had an additional folder with the same name. I deleted that folder as well as some file that was named something like " - Pacman.obz" (Because my song's name is Power-Pill - Pacman) or whatever and deleted that as well. I then ran a full submission and that seemed to fix the download.

Standard submission only uploads the actual beatmap and not the audio/video/storyboard.
Full submission uploads everything.
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