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Hi :3 NM please

Title: Sis puella magica!
Artist: Kajiura Yuki
Length: 0:44
Difficulties Preferred: EZ/NM

My favourite color is purple :>
Thanks !
Hai hai! request please~

Title: Stella-rium
Artist: Kano
Length: 1:27
Difficulties Preferred: All diff pls~

Notes: I like Kano's voice <3

Thank you :)
Hello Protastic101!!! Requesting NM!

Title: Yi Da Dui De Xiang Jiao feat. MC Qiu Yi
Artist: Banana Qiu
Length: 0:38 drain
Difficulties Preferred: Any, I've barely gotten any mods yet so it doesn't matter much.
Link: right over here

My favorite color is somewhere around green. And the song is about bananas.

Notes: I didn't get alot of mods yet so it may be a mess.
- ID9 -
Hai hai .. halo halo .. :D

Title: eclair au chocolat (extended bittersweet mix)
Artist: kamome sano
Length: 5:27
Difficulties Preferred: Lenfried's 7K Gourmet Chocolate

Notes: mod my chocolate :D

Thanks~!! ;)
Topic Starter
Hnrgh, need to update my post topic with m4m now. Ok, well, I finally finished a map and decided to try and rank it (impossible but effort ok?) So anyways. Would people actually read this post for once!? It's literally on the topic post to do so! And I know most people don't even read my rules since only 3 people posted their favorite colors. It takes like 3 seconds! Read it! I beg of you! Anyways, only 4 NM and I'ma leave M4M open forever until I get swamped with too much stuff.

Btw, anyone got plans for the summer?
hii protastic :3 nm plis

Title: Otsukimi Recital
Artist: yuikonnu
Length: 3:34
Keys: 4
Difficulties Preferred: EZ , MX

Notes: loveable :3

thanks <3
Howdy o/

Sadly I can't mod mania so will have to request NM if that's ok

Title: Gandorada Daikoubou
Artist: Nishiura Tomohito
Length: 1:41
Keys: 4K
Difficulties Preferred: EZ->HD

Notes: Currently graved as I was busy with irl work but will revive with mods (Let me know if you want me to revive first). LN style map, first serious attempt at mapping mania for rank, part of an all-mode set mapped all by me. Trying to push mania forward since the other mode spreads are in good shape. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated :3

My favourite colour is purple, my plans for the summer involve working just like every other day of the year because being an adult sucks xD

Thanks in advance if you decide to accept!
Summer is coming hmmm.
NM request xD
Title:Brain Power
Difficulties Preferred:all diff best but if you don't have enough time only INF and ADV is ok xD

Notes:Brain Power is so popular before several months hmm,but there still not a rank ver xD,and I want to make one.Nishikino Maki's red is my favorite lol
Title: Sunlight (Suzuko-P Nightcore) [SHORT EDIT]
Artist: Kaioh
Length: 1:29 (1:27 drain) // ;w;
Keys: 4K&7K
Difficulties Preferred: All if possible (HARD first > to easyiest)

Notes: Hi :)
Topic Starter
Maybe I should accept more requests, because I actually managed to get things done in a timely manner >.< Even though I was procrastinating Muu's map all day today XD. Anyways, I'll take 6 NM reqs, and just a reminder that my M4M is ALWAYS open. Someone, please, 5k/5mins/low SR is the worst combination a map can have for finding mods T.T

Edit: I'm kind of scared to go to sleep and leave this queue open all night >.<
Artist:Sawai Miku
Difficulties Preferred:"Megumi" MX

Notes:hello , im new at mapping stage , im not good enough , but im learning.. :3

Title: Dazzlin' Darlin -Akiba Koubou mix-
Artist: Remixed by DJ Command
Length: 1:46
Keys: 4
Difficulties Preferred: NM, MX, SC

Notes: i know you are the best ><

thanks in advance!
Heeey there :v

Hope I'm not too late for NM. If I am PM me I can try M4M if you are ok with a noob mod xd

Title: Reverence
Artist: Vospi
Length: 2:43
Keys: 4k
Difficulties Preferred: Any you prefer. Maybe just Hard/Insane if you want or just one of those any mod helps :)

Notes: nice mustache ;)fav color is white. totally didn't edit this in :^)

Thanks! :)
Hello. NM pls.

Title: Did You Know?
Artist: Machina
Length: 2:46
Keys: 4,5,7
Difficulties Preferred: Easy, Normal, Hard

Notes: Nothing

Title: Overfly (TV Size)
Artist: Haruna Luna
Length: 1:26 (1:25 drain)
Keys: 7K
Diff: ALL ?
Link to the map:

Note: Ahahah i want to rank this map ... i want more mod
Hi there o/
may i request here ?

Title: Meriang
Artist: Cita Citata
Length: 1:23 (1:12 drain)
Keys: 4k
Difficulties Preferred: Hard and Maximum, but all is okay if you want to mod them

Notes: hope you want to mod mine and gds, my fav color is black and white btw

Thank you :)
Hello there.
M4M pls.

Title: Backbone
Genre: Elecronic
Length: 2:58 (2:48 drain)
Keys: 4k
Difficulties Preferred: HD

Notes: Nothing

I'll mod your map tomorrow. It's night here.

Thank you in advance.
*NM/M4M reqs

Shiena Nishizawa - The Asterisk War

Genre:anime,rock,fast songs
Leght: 2:46 (2:40 drain)
BPM: 143

Mania:---------------------------------- Osu!:
:arrow: Basic 4k................................ :arrow: Easy
:arrow: Novice 4k.............................. :arrow: Normal
:arrow: Hyper 4k............................... :arrow: Hard
-Advance 4k
:arrow: Another 4k
:arrow: Extream - Superior4k

Taiko:--------------------------------- Cath The Beats:
:arrow: Kantan................................ :arrow: Juice
:arrow: Futsuu................................ :arrow: Salad
:arrow: Muzukashii............................ :arrow: Rain
:arrow: Oni


thanks before :D
Topic Starter
Alright, I got into a bit of a modding laziness lately, so I gotta get out of it. Anyways, I'll take 4 NM reqs, and M4M is always open, and Kodoku is prioritized. Hey, m4m is greatly appreciated guys. Give back to the community. I'll do a pretty big mod even if you just do a little. Also, post your favorite food so I know you read this.
NM req

Title: Belly Flopper
Artist: O2i3
Length: 1:51 (1:50 drain)
Keys: 4k
Difficulties Preferred: mod what you want

thanks in advance
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