DECO*27 - Ghost Rule

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I dig the jump patterns
Hello~ NM from my queue

Short mods cause I don't have much time.

  1. 00:39:005 (2,1) - Move (1) to x:329 y:232 because the current blanket isn't perfect.
  2. 01:24:433 (3,1) - Another blanket problem, move the head of the slider to x:435 y:348 and the third node to x:420 y:162

    Although the overlaps triggered me like f I guess that was the only logical way to map that lol
  1. 00:20:719 (1,2) - Blanket
  2. 00:31:005 (3,2) - These two are almost touching each other, try moving (2) down a bit
  3. 00:40:148 (3,4) - I would just make this parallel cause 00:42:433 (3,4) - this is parallel also
  4. 00:49:290 (3) - Why is there a clap on the head? It sounds awkward to me
  5. 00:51:290 (2,3) - Blankets lol not mentioning any more, please check on your own.
  6. 01:32:719 (3,2) - Copy and paste lol
  7. 01:41:862 (3,4) - ^
  8. 01:45:862 (1) - Why is there an NC here
  9. 02:19:290 (4) - I would move this to where the slidertick is on 02:20:719 (3) - don't worry you can blanket 02:19:576 (1) - as well too
  10. 02:55:005 (3) - Pitch rose, maybe make this into a 1/1 slider and circle to make it a bit harder

Just did the easier difficulties cause I'm bad at modding high bpm hard +

The mapset looks great! Good luck.
666 剛好回來刷個存在 DECOx瓦坑 信仰(❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
How come this isn't ranked?? :S Great job mate :3
me irl

English please? :'D ;) sorry, not into mapping/modding so dont know what that means :P
Nice mapset. Hope you don't increase the AR, lower AR is much better! Flask's Extra was lots of fun.
Cool map, but these jumps in mayday diff.. (Drama Boy Triggered)why ppl want to abuse star rating so much nowadays. If you just change spacing on these jumps at the end it's like -1star xDD Cool diff anyway :3
01:01:005 (2,6) - better stack
01:32:433 (5,1) - maybe stack?

Cool mapset (Flask's my fav so far XD)
- Lizunumi
Really nice I Love it :)
this map exhibits how easily osu can overweight/underweight the stars on maps....
yay loved <3
Living Flower
the gap between Regraz's Normal and Hard might be a bit too big. I recommend to put a LightHard in between..
bueno a mi me gusta la artista y creo que las difilcultades vallan avanzando conforme a la cancion
please make the Habi's Insane approach rate to 9 because it's more fun and thrilling...
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